What could possibly happen when you lock high schoolers in a school with the killer? A lot of things could have happened. The killer had already made a grand entrance announcing he was back with the reveal of Jake’s body. Instead of making any more noise, the killer chose to watch as everyone freaked out.

***** Spoilers Below *****

Noah has been saying Piper had an accomplice for a while, but he had no idea what he was in for. He finally noticed Audrey being weird, so he took her phone. I’ve never been so happy and so upset all at the same time. I wanted him to put the pieces together, but I knew he would be devastated when he did.

Audrey Episode 205The look on his face when he discovered what Audrey has been up to said it all. Not even the film geek could have predicted this. He probably doesn’t know everything yet, just by some texts, but he’s piecing it all together now.

This really wasn’t Noah’s day. He volunteered to help Kieren after he said, “I’ll be right back.” Those famous last words. Noah hates it when people say that, so he went along for the ride to help Kieren get something from his locker.

Kieren had a gun! Why would you bring that to school? I get after everything that has happened that may make you feel safer, but getting caught with it is a disaster. Kieran got caught and Noah was stuck hiding in the hallway.

Kieran Episode 205Then Kieren had to give up Emma. The killer may be working his/her way back around to Emma. The killer put Jake’s phone in her bag. It doesn’t even appear that he/she was really trying to frame Emma. Whoever this killer is, they enjoy games, they really enjoy them.

I’m getting really concerned about Emma’s mental health. I’m not sure what she’s seeing is reality and what she sees is in her head. The phone call may have been real, but did she see the killer in the hallway?

Since Noah was stuck running around the hallways, then yes, maybe the killer was there too, but Emma is not a reliable source right now.

As for our suspicious boys. Stavo looked guilty until Audrey exposed his drawings. Still not enough to say he’s completely innocent. He could still just have an unhealthy obsession with the now Lakewood Five.

Eli seems to have to know everything. Why is he so curious? He makes it hard to trust him, but Emma keeps wanting to trust him. If Emma did get rid of the phone before the cops confiscated it, I would not have let him do it.

Brooke Episode 205While most people in this episode were having a very bad day, none of them had as bad of a day as Brooke did. She lost her boyfriend partly because she chose her father over a guy. If they didn’t fight over her father, would he be doing a job for her dad that got him killed? It took the whole episode before she could grieve.

It was hard to watch her walk into the pool, sink under and just start screaming. I hated watching her be tortured, but I knew this was going to be hard. Jake may have been killed in the first episode of the season, but he’s been around in spirit the entire season.

The new Sheriff is working very, very hard to find out who has started the murders back up. He clearly believes it’s one of the Lakewood Five, maybe even Brooke. I really don’t think it’s Brooke.

I know legally Maggie shouldn’t have said anything to Brooke about time of death, but come on, she needed to know. Now Maggie is off the case.

This Sheriff may be good at his job, but while the Lakewood Five only tell half truths or are not seeing the whole picture like Brooke, who knows what conclusions he’s going to jump to.

Do you have any guess on who the killer is? How do you think Noah will react next week now that he knows about Audrey? Let me know in the comments below.

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