Season two of Scream has just been incredible and the next time someone asks me what my favorite show is right now, I may just tell them Scream.

***** Spoilers Below *****

I was freaked out going into this episode knowing that Noah was going to be kidnapped. I know Randy was killed in the second film and Noah plays the Randy character, but they couldn’t really kill him, right?

Audrey and Noah Episode 206Lucky that wasn’t the plan, but things just got a lot more interesting.

Audrey may have had less to do with the murders than we original thought. We can’t really trust anyone on this show, so it may have just been a story for Noah, but I’m inclined to believe Audrey.

I never believed she could kill anyone. And despite what I believed her to have done, I like her. Those writers sure do know how to play with our emotions.

Audrey Episode 206The thing I thought was crazy was the fact that Audrey staged Noah’s kidnapping to prove her innocence. Not cool, Audrey. Don’t have me freaked out about my favorite character just to prove you are innocent.

Why did Audrey have Eddie’s phone? I thought the killer had his phone. I think she has a little bit more explaining to do than what she did.

Sure she’s come mostly clean, or so we think, but she needs to fill in more of the gaps.

Zoe of course, even after turning Noah down, is still a faithful listener to Noah’s podcast and hears Audrey’s confession. Probably one of his best podcasts ever. Certainly is the juiciest detail about the murders yet.

I never believed Audrey killed anyone, but for someone reason I liked liking her despite knowing she was tied to Piper. I guess she just made a mistake, but will the killer taunt her more after her confession?

I know there’s a theory going around that Emma’s the new killer. With evidence coming in that her IP address was used to send emails to her dad from Riley sure look bad, but I’ve watched Pretty Little Liars, I know how those can be faked. The killer likes to make you think it’s someone else.

It would be totally shocking, but also bizarre, if Emma was the killer. So I’m not believing that theory, just yet.

Brooke Episode 206I really felt for Brooke in this episode. She confronted Seth because she truly believed he killed Jake. I never believed that for a second. Of course, in the end, it didn’t help. I think she wanted desperately to believe it was true so she could get closure. Unfortunately, even after knowing what happened, she may never be able to get closure.

Brooke’s dad and Seth came off the suspect list for me this week because the pieces were coming together. It wouldn’t surprise me if her dad knew about Seth and was paying to get him out of her life. Of course, Jake, wanting to do anything for her, would help in that endeavor. So while Jake and her dad were working on something very shady, it had nothing to do with why he was murdered.

Stavo, for a minute, looked liked I could take him off the suspect list, but he still looks very suspicious. Why does he have the mask and why does he just look so suspicious?

Sure I get using the murders for inspiration for his comic, but he does a lot of other odd things, like having the mask.

Audrey and Noah Episode 206I’m glad that Noah was alright in the end, but I’m not happy with Audrey for putting me through that. The last two episodes were crazy intense with the lock down, Jake and the party, but this definitely had me more freaked out. That’s what happens when you put my favorite character in the cross hairs.

Do you believe Audrey? How do you feel about her fake kidnapping Noah? Do you think Emma could have anything to do with the latest murders? Let me know in the comments below.

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