Thursday at San Diego Comic Con at the Hilton Bayfront, we had the opportunity to interview the cast of SyFy’s new show Van Helsing.  In attendance were Kelly Overton (“Vanessa Helsing”), Jonathan Scarfe (“Axel Miller”) and Christopher Heyerdahl (“Sam”).

Kelly Overton

Kelly Overton talks about how much she has always loved the vampire genre, and how playing Vanessa Helsing is the kind of role she loves because she can combine her passions for acting and athleticism.  Listen to the full interview below for the whole scoop!


Jonathan Scarfe discusses how his character is sent on a mission to find our female lead, who they believe may be destined so save the world from vampires.

Jonathan Scarfe

Scarfe goes on to describe his character as a former military grunt, to hear more watch the full clip below.


Christopher Heyerdahl talks a little about the challenges of learning ASL and playing a deaf character and how it changes the dynamic of communication between people.

Christopher Heyerdahl

Watch the video below to get more scoop on Heyerdahl’s character!


After speaking with the cast and producers of the show, it sounds like SyFy will have another hit show on their hands.  I can’t wait to see the premiere and see this new world they have created!

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