Typically fans know more about the films and shows than anyone else, so why not watch a show with the ultimate fanboys, enter Kevin Smith and Greg Grunberg.  Two guys that are really just like you and me.  They love this stuff so much, so why not create an entire show where we can geek out over the things we love?  That’s exactly what they did and it’s fittingly called, Geeking Out.

Kevin and Greg 2We got to talk to Smith and Grunberg in the press room at San Diego Comic Con to learn about their new show.  Grunberg describes doing the show “like eating donuts all day.”

The show will premiere on Sunday, August 14 at 11/10c pm on AMC.

Grunberg believes the audience is ready for this show now and Smith said that AMC is the only home for this type of show because AMC takes the most risks.  Risks come with great rewards, though, like The Walking Dead.

Smith joked that he’s learned not to curse on television but he takes his cues from The Walking Dead.  If TWD says it, then Smith will too.  If he gets backlash, he tells the network that The Walking Dead said it.

Geeking Out will host Matt Damon and J.J. Abrams but Smith and Grunberg would love to have Ben Affleck and especially, Steven Spielberg.  Smith would love to ask Spielberg what he geeks out over.

Smith said the first thing he ever geeked out over was probably Jaws.  Back then he couldn’t watch films over and over again, so he recorded it on a cassette tape and listened to it over and over again.

Because of his obsession with recording films, he is very big on dialogue and not on the visual.

Spielberg was actually a fan of Heroes and according to Grunberg, Tim Kring was contacted by Spielberg. Spielberg told Kring that he didn’t need as much gore.  The former Heroes actor reminded us of all the gore that was in season one, including ripping heads off.

There was a lot less gore after that and the show used a lot more imagination.  Grunberg thought the show was a lot creepier after that.  Smith interjected, “and then the show got canceled.”  The two just laughed it off and carried on with Grunberg saying his dream guests would be Harrison Ford and Tom Hanks.

Geeking Out won’t just have two male perspectives, they will also have a female perspective, Tiffany Smith.  She brings access to stars that Kevin and Grunberg can’t touch.  Kevin really wanted to interview the Suicide Squad cast and he tried a few times but they just kept telling him, no, but Tiffany will be talking with them.

SavageIf you have been a fanboy/fangirl for a long time then you might recognize the name, Brad Savage.  Hint, he was the dead boy in Salem’s Lot.  He’s also a producer on Geeking Out.  Kevin and Grunberg brought out Savage for the older generation of fanboys and fangirls to geek out over.

You don’t have to wait until August 14 for your first taste of this show, Geeking Out aired a Comic Con special on Sunday that you can check out online at AMC right now!

Here’s the full audio from the press conference at San Diego Comic Con:

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