The Grimm cast and producers braced the mad rush of Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con to join us in the press room and tease about what viewers can expect in season 6.  We spoke with David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby, Silas Weir Mitchell, and Reggie Lee about the journeys their characters took this past season, and where we can expect them to go in season 6.

Giuntoli tells us immediately that season 6 will pick up a millisecond after season 5 left off, there won’t be any time jumps for viewers to sort through.  He also says despite not being able to spoil too much, he can tell us this season is going to be about the core cast and the conflicts that have now come to a head.


Lee says Wu is finally coming into his own and he’s happy he’s finally going to be able to help more when it comes to fighting against the dark forces they face in the show.  He also talks about being an Asian actor on a show in a major role and being given this opportunity.


Hornsby says there’s always a chance they could get additional episodes added on in the future, but right now the game plan is to approach the season with the shortened number of episodes they’ve been given.  He says that could play a factor in which storylines the producers try to take on; for example, is there enough time to find Hank a love interest?! We’ll see!


When it comes to Monroe, Silas Weir Mitchell says Monroe will have to process this next season that his wife is now pregnant and he’s going to be a father.  We may see a protectiveness manifest in Monroe with this new change coming in his life.


Although not much could be spoiled, it seems like exciting things are coming down the pipeline for Grimm in season 6.  Giuntoli emphasizes that things aren’t going to be kicked to the sidelines anymore.  Storylines that have been brought to a head over the course of the show are now going to be faced directly and resolved, whether that be in a good or bad way we’ll have to wait and see!

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