I’ve been complaining for years that horror movies don’t scare me anymore. But, this week Scream had me officially terrified and all it took was putting my favorite character in major danger.

***** Spoilers Below *****

I knew from the preview that Noah was going to be stabbed and taken, but nothing could have prepared me for it.

Noah Episode 210This killer loves his games. Did he/she really have to team up Emma and Audrey, who are having issues, to save him? That made me even more nervous.

Whoever this killer is, they know a lot. They know all about Emma and Audrey and Miguel and Maggie.

Noah always knew there was another killer, it just appeared to be Audrey at first. There definitely is another killer if Piper was with Audrey when Rachel was killed.

It didn’t really come as much of a surprise that Audrey had fallen in love with Emma and she had broken her heart. It makes a lot more sense now that Audrey wanted revenge that had nothing to with murder.

High school is hard. I’m not surprised by Audrey’s actions. They weren’t right, but I’m not surprised. She’s paying for them now, big time.

I do miss the trio of Brooke, Audrey and Emma and really wish we could go back to that, even if that isn’t really realistic.

Audrey, Emma and Noah Episode 210Audrey and Emma were able to find and save Noah, despite their constant bickering. They weren’t able to save Zoe, but they were never meant to.

Who knows how long Zoe was dead when they finally found her. I didn’t like Zoe. I didn’t trust her and now I feel bad about not liking her. I feel even worse for Noah. That’s two girls he’s liked and two girls that have been killed. This time, he lost his virginity to the girl.

As much as I was terrified for Noah, John Karna was showing some of his best work as he was buried alive and hallucinating Zoe. 

He was his typically nerdy self with an edge of fear as he was talking to the killer before he was stabbed. I have to agree with Noah, putting Noah on the list after he lost his virginity is an old fashioned way of thinking for a horror genre. Though I think, Noah has been on the list all along, he/she just decided to make their move now.

The writers have been hinting towards a backstory between Miguel and Maggie this season and we got to see them in flashbacks, even if we still aren’t clear on what happened.

Miguel is convinced Brandon James is back, Maggie doesn’t see how he could survive what he went through. We’ve questioned if Brandon was still alive since season one and Miguel thinks the evidence may be showing he could still be.

Maggie made a desperate move to see if Brandon is still alive. She left a note in the tree where he passed notes to her. As she walked away, Eli came out of the bushes and looked really sad. I have no idea what this means, but then again, he could have just been creepily watching in the shadows, like he’s known to do.

Was Eli lurking just him being his typical self or does it mean something more? Do you think Emma and Audrey can work through their issues? Let me know in the comments!

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