I don’t know whether to cry, hideaway or just scream. That’s what Pretty Little Liars was like this week. It gave us a little bit of everything.

***** Spoilers Below *****

The most shocking thing was that Mary has another kid but when it settles in it totally makes sense. Who else could be Uber A than a DiLaurentis?

DREW VAN ACKERNow let the conspiracy theories begin on who this person is. The preview shows that the liars think it’s Noel. Part of me says no because we’re being told now, but we were told about Charlotte quite early, so who knows.

I saw online earlier today that someone thinks it’s Maya and she’s still alive.

Whoever it is, I definitely think it’s a guy. It’s a guy that’s coming into the school in that scene. So, that must be Uber A. I’m sure a lot of people would like it to be Wren, but it doesn’t fit the age.

The most heartwrenching scene was when Toby told Spencer that he was building the house for her. That was my first thought when we saw Toby building the house. I was as happy as I was when Ezra proposed to Aria but then Toby had to go and crush my dreams in 10 seconds flat.

Why did someone have to go and beat up Yvonne and make Toby think he wants to be with her and not Spencer? Yes, I know it’s horrible that I’m thinking of Spencer and not Yvonne, but I want Spoby back.

LUCY HALEIf that wasn’t bad enough, Nicole might actually be alive. This better not tear Ezria apart. I guess we’ll be waiting on the Ezria wedding. Spoby are nowhere near getting back together, now Ezria may be being torn apart. Haleb might be on the upswing now that Caleb knows Jason and Hanna are broken up.

It was so awkward when Caleb saw that Hanna wasn’t wearing the ring anymore. She saved it later when she subtly told him how she felt. We can still have hope for Haleb. I’m still very worried about Ezria, though.

I really want to know exactly what happened between Aria and Jason. Were they in a relationship, was it a fling, did they have sex, did they kiss? There are so many possibilities and all Jason and Aria are going to give us right now is, it’s their secret.

ANDREA PARKER, SASHA PIETERSE, DREW VAN ACKERDespite more mysteries, it was great seeing Jason back and seeing him step up to protect Ali. I feel him on wanting to keep Mary at a distance, but it’s better to keep your enemies close, just very cautiously. Why hasn’t Mary mentioned she had another kid?

We may not have gotten all the mothers back, but it was great seeing Pam have some fun. It was so much better watching all the moms drink wine and gossip, but it was nice having one of them back.

Let’s get back to the fact that there’s another DiLaurentis running around. This ‘A’ really loves their games. Did we really think that Han, Spence, Em and Ali were all going to blow up in a car? No, probably not but we were all freaking out simultaneously.

So should we be figuring out who A.D. is or who killed Charlotte? This mystery person says if the Lairs find out who he is before he finds out who killed Charlotte, they die. But finding out who’s behind the texts makes the person less scary. Not sure what the best move is here.

Next week looks pretty scary but Haleb looks to be getting closer, so we have a silver lining to look forward to.

How did you feel about the heartbreaking Spoby scene? Who do you think is the other DiLaurentis? Let me know in the comments below.

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