Firefly Packed Day: Talent + Can’t Stop The Serenity Happening Sept 17th

10 years ago, a group of ragtag fans decided to do the impossible.  They decided to screen a beloved movie and raise money for the most worthy of causes – EQUAL RIGHTS FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN AROUND THE GLOBE.

Of the many CSTS events going on – CSTS-LA is once again doing the impossible!

Fandom Charities®,  Whedonopolis™ and WhedonCon are hosting “Can’t Stop the Serenity 2016 – Los Angeles” (click through for Facebook page) showing Francis Hamada’s feature length movie “Browncoats: Independence War” instead of Serenity, and we’re doing so in the middle of a Comic Con! (which never happens)

Once you see the schedule below you’ll see just how FIREFLY PACKED this day is going to be. All this Firefly Fan stuff all packed into the same room! Auctions, Firefly Cosplay Contest!, prizes, an EPIC MOVIE plus an amazing lineup which needs no introduction! Heck this ONE room is non stop Firefly stuff from early afternoon all the way into the night!  Best Part is 1 admission covers the Con AND CSTS!

This will be THE CSTS to talk about for years to come! Come support Equality Now – Join our group and become a Big Damn Hero!   LA Browncoats Meetup Group

Don’t forget to hop on down to CSTS-OC in October! Autumn is a GREAT TIME TO BE A BROWNCOAT!

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Post Author: Marsia Powers

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