The main characters may have been mostly safe so far, but next week it looks like the killer is coming for them.

There’s already been a massacre on Halloween at this hospital and it still appears they’re going to have a Halloween party.

I guess they’ve proven they aren’t that smart already, considering all the patients are getting killed off and they’re not closing the hospital yet.

We have no idea how Hester knows about the murders. She already predicted that the body count was going to go through the roof, now she’s predicted this is going to be a bigger massacre than what the hospital has seen before.

Looks like Chad’s death was a warning for us, that no one is safe.

When Munsch says Chanel is a little blue, is she being literal? Why exactly has Chanel turned blue? It can’t just be to become a smurf for Halloween. That’s not the sexiest thing she could dress up as. And we know all that what she dresses up as for Halloween is “Sexy (insert something here)”.

Tune into Scream Queens on Tues. Oct. 18 at 9/8c pm on FOX to find out why exactly Chanel is looking blue.

Take a look a the promo and try to guess at why Chanel is looking so blue:

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