With CW’s weekly schedule of DC heroes, it’s no surprise that another network is trying a different POV within the DCU.  Enter NBC’s POWERLESS where the cast are employees within one of Bruce Wayne’s companies, building (or at least trying to build) new technologies to protect by standards (regular folk) from the meta battles that have become a regular occurrence.

Lead character Emily Locke was a joy to watch for me with her inspiration for her co-workers, including Firefly veteran Alan Tudyk, who plays Van Wayne who plays and I quote, “Bruce Wayne…’s cousin.” The problem I had though was the campiness, so much so I couldn’t take this show serious.  I get that it’s a comedy and only the first episode, and there were some gems within the first episode, but if I had to decide now on if I was going to keep it or Dump It…  I am afraid I would dump it.

I do want to share one of the gems for me, and that’s the show’s intro.  It’s very good for what I think they were trying.  What did you think, do you agree with my thoughts?  Did you love the pilot?  Please click here to post your comments on Facebook


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