With five episodes left until the end, there only seems to be pain left on The Vampire Diaries.

Spoilers Below if you’re not caught up on all episodes

Bonnie lost Enzo, Caroline lost her eternal life with Stefan. It’s incredibly hard to watch the latest promo of TVD. It breaks my heart to see Bonnie losing her love and it sucks even more that that love was Enzo. I love the guy he’s become. I always liked his character but he’s grown so much.

The hardest part is watching a human Stefan tell Caroline that he doesn’t know where they go from here. I’ve been a huge Steroline fan, even before there was a ship name or anyone was publically shipping them. I saw a relationship blooming before Lexi pointed it out to Stefan. I was rooting for these two and I really thought they would get their happy ending. There are only five episodes left and I have no idea where any of them go from here. Is there even a chance that Steroline could still be the endgame?

According to the promo, Damon knows what to do: kill the devil. Take a look at the promo and tell me below or on Facebook where you think each of these broken-hearted characters go from here.


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