Fox’s APB tries to very hard to combine Marvel’s Tony Stark with the hard streets of the Chicago south side.  Billionaire Gideon Reeves sets out to get what he believes is justice for his friend’s murder in Chicago.   Reeves tries almost too hard to be a Tony Stark like character: brilliant, rich, egotistical, little to no social skills.  He has very little tolerance for bureaucracy and bullies his way through Chicago politics to purchase and run the thirteenth district of Chicago, upgrading that police department with the best tech a billionaire inventor can buy or create.

Counter tp Reeves and his team of inventors and techies are the police force, with Detective Murphy leading the way.  Notable mention of other officers is Point of Interest veteran Kevin Chapman as well as Ernie Hudson.

APB is a solid concept of a television series.  The premiere introduced us to the movers and shakers of the series, with the hope of future episodes delivering more and more layers of Chicago streets, gang activities, politics and more against the APB revolution.   I am keeping the DVR set for APB hoping that this first episode leads even more.  For me, I am going to keep it.


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