Joss Whedon Close To Deal To Create Batgirl Movie For DC

It looks like Warner Brothers and DC are making a big movie to catch up  to Marvel in the super-hero movie sweepstakes.

Three websites, including Entertainment Weekly  and Variety, say Joss Whedon is close to a deal where he’ll produce, write and direct a Batgirl movie. This is big news, since he’s spent many years in the Marvel-verse writing and directing both Avengers movies. Joss jumping from one comics-verse to another is almost like Lebron James jumping from Cleveland to Miami.

EW is speculating the movie will look at the DC New 52 storyline where Barbara Gordon regains her physical mobility several years after being crippled in the famous Killing Joke story.

There’s already speculation on who will play Gordon, including Hailee Steinfeld (who did play a teenage spy in Barely Lethal) and Chloe Bennett from Agents of SHIELD.

It’s speculated more info might be released when Wondercon gets underway this weekend at the Anaheim  Convention Center. Warner Brothers will have its big presentation Saturday.

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