The good news is that most of the Agents of SHIELD are back in the real world.

The bad news is HYDRAida’s fondest wishes have come true.

They cut it close, but most of the agents are out of HYDRA World. We’ll get to who decided to stay a bit later, but that agent had a good reason. Fitz and Simmons were also finally reunited, but in the worst way possible.


Most of the agents were stuck in Ivanov’s oil rig where they were kept in Framework mode, but Ivanov found out Jemma and Daisy have been in a quinjet for ten days, and in the Framework hoping to get the others out. Thing is, it took a toll on its power supply, and was forced to turn off its cloaking mode to save power. That’s bad news for Elena (Natalia Cordova-Buckley), who had been looking after the agents all this time. Now Ivanov can shoot down the jet and kill the agents. It was a good idea to show what Elena had been doing, but some fans wish there were scenes where she was, for the time being, in charge of SHIELD as the only awake agent. It could have worked the week before.

Back in the Framework, Daisy’s having a tough time trying to convince Mack and May they are in a virtual world. Coulson’s attempts aren’t more successful, but he does talk about the soap he makes himself so HYDRA won’t hypnotize him. Daisy needs all of the agents to get to the “back door” of the Framework to wake up.

Fitz is not willing to wake up, because his evil version knows he’s in a virtual world. He’ll do anything to protect it and HYDRAida (Mallory Jansen), who hopes to get a new body in the other side. In fact, Fitz also offers Radcliffe (John Hannah) a new body if he’s willing to sell his soul. It looks like he’ll go along with this idea.

Simmons makes a desperate attempt by confronting Fitz’s dad Alistair (David O’Hara), but he nearly strangles her to death. She has no choice but to shoot him. He winds up dead, and this convinces her Fitz will never listen to her.

Fitz is upset, and vows to kill Simmons. HYDRAida, though, wants Fitz to start the process of making a new version of her. He declines, but she does it anyway. A new body is literally downloaded in a 3-D Darkhold printer, with her consciousness not too far behind.

The agents do find the back door, but thanks to Aida’s reprogramming, she moved it to a vat of molten steel at an oil rig. Naturally, May, Mack and Coulson suddenly think the “other world” theory is ridiculous. Daisy uses her Inhuman powers to show the gateway is real. Coulson is the first to jump, although May is still reluctant. She jumps, too, and both wake up in the real world.

Simmons is about to jump, when Fitz confronts her. She tries to convince him his world isn’t real, but he won’t hear of it. He shoots her, and forces her to say “I am nothing to you” just before he’s about to kill her.

However, Fitz gets shot…by Radcliffe. He was just trying to get Fitz to the portal, and does just that. Radcliffe says it’s over for him, as he gets Simmons through the door.

Daisy tells Mack it’s his turn….but he won’t do it. He learns his daughter, Hope, is not alive in the real world, and decides being in a virtual world with her is better. The final scene with Mack and Trip (BJ Britt) together with Hope is a touching scene that caused many fans to tear up. They wish it could actually happen in the real world. However, there’s still a chance Mack can be brought back. Elena may try getting into the Framework to get him out, and that’ll be a tough task because he’ll have to choose between her and Hope.

However, Fitz remembers what he did in the Framework. To say that he is ashamed is an understatement. He was stunned that it was easy for him to be that cruel. Even though Radcliffe and Coulson keep telling Fitz it was not his fault, it’s not surprising Fitz thinks that it was. He felt that way well before he was put in the Framework.

Suddenly Aida 3.o, now a real woman, appears. She sees Fitz, and apparently is still in love with him. She grabs him…and disappears. No doubt she got that power through the Darkhold.

If anyone is comparing this with Ultron, the fact is Aida is worse. She’s not after just world domination. She wants to be real, and she has that. However, she is still vunerable because of these new feelings, especially towards Fitz. She expects him to join her in remaking the world with the Darkhold. He’ll refuse, and that’s when things will get worse

Also, there’s still Ivanov, who is still an LMD, but quite determined to kill Coulson. That’s just part of what’s coming next week.

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