We’re about halfway through the season and we’re really in the thick of it now. My favorite thing about this new enemy is that it’s bringing everyone back together. They may still not like each other but, I like seeing them on screen together again.

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We’ve known since the beginning of the season that Vincent had a deep connection with this dark magic, but it turns out Hayley does, too. We got to see a flashback of a scene that looked like something out of Harry Potter. Hayley didn’t even take two seconds to deal with what she had seen, she saw something useful in the flashback and she went for it. I guess when you’re protecting your daughter, dwelling on what happened to your parents can wait.

The key she found at her parent’s place led her to a storage unit. I was so happy that Hayley was finally getting answers. I hated her when she was on The Vampire Diaries. That was mainly because I loved Caroline and she was trying to come between Tyler and Caroline. Oh, and, the fact that she was working with Shane. I know it was all to find her family, but it’s hard to like the newbies that are threatening your favorite characters. Now that I’ve gotten to know her, I really like her. Hayley even mentioned in this episode how she did horrible things to find her family. It makes sense that she feels guilt over it, now we know who she really is.

Annette Brown/The CW

She had a little moment of getting to know her parents through the storage unit, but she came across bones in a stuffed animal, of all places. Bones that the followers of the Hollow are dying to get their hands on. If they do, they are all in danger.

When Klaus locked up the deadly knife in the safe, I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be safe there. I just thought he should keep it on him. It definitely wasn’t safe there. Now we have a better idea of the depth these followers go. It’s scary when you think you have no idea who could be a follower. The person beside you could be a follower.

Marcel’s new girl is a follower. I knew I didn’t trust her. She may actually have feelings for him, though. The full truth of that remains to be seen, but her hatred of Klaus runs deep. He really did acquire a lot of enemies during his lifetime.

There is a little bit of happiness through all this gloom. Last year at San Diego Comic-Con, Riley Voelkel told me that Freya was going to get a love interest. That love interest is Keelin. Certainly, an interesting way to start a romance. Hayley kidnaps her and then Freya refuses to let her go.

I want Freya to be happy but it is hard for the Mikaelsons to find love. It’s always family first. I think the only reason I see a future with Hayley and Elijah is because they are family. That makes the family first thing a little bit easier.

Each season the Mikaelsons deal with deadlier and deadlier enemies. I would never bet against a Mikaelson because they prove to do the impossible, but how do the defeat the Hollow?


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