What happened to Jonah Heston never happened to Joel Robinson or Mike Nelson.
He’s about to marry Kinga, one of the Mads, in a shotgun wedding for ratings.

What happened next was even more shocking, and set off a big discussion about what could happen next year…and if that purple guy from two episodes before might get a promotion.

Aside from that, the season ended with another Doug McClure/Edgar Rice Burroughs movie, At the Earth’s Core. McClure plays Innes, who funds Dr. Perry (Peter Cushing in extreme British mode) and his plan to drill 500 miles into the earth. They go too far, and wind up in a strange world with cavemen who speak English and monsters that look like very big parrots. There’s also a love interest for Innes played by Caroline Munro a year before Starcrash. Actually, this movie isn’t bad, and it’s pretty strange seeing Cushing as a very British guy who can handle himself. This is also miles away from his role as Tarkin in Star Wars just a few months later.


Besides, the real story is Kinga’s wedding. She has to get an Observer to get guests to even show up, but at least Pearl (Mary Jo Pehl), Bobo (Kevin Murphy) and Observer/Brain Guy (Bill Corbett) show up and help out.

As for the bots, they admit Jonah is OK compared to Joel and Mike, but they kind of hoped TJ Miller would be the new test case. At least Jonah leaves them a new bot called Growler, who’s sort of like Rowlf from the Muppets.

What about Max, who carries a torch for Kinga for some reason? Well, he gets romantic advice from this guy:

Yes, that’s Joel McHale as Doug McClure, giving Max enough courage to seize the day. During the wedding, Kinga is in full Bridezilla mode, and she’s getting what she wants…all TV on her (Jonah, too, but mostly TV ratings). Pearl is offended by Kinga’s attutude, then remembers that’s what Forresters do and it’s OK.

Of course, the wedding never happens. Remember that Reptilicus Metalicus Max found in episode 1110? Well, he unleashes it on Jonah, and it doesn’t end well. Kinga thinks Jonah’s a goner, and is more upset about her wedding being cancelled than him being eaten. The bots are kind of stunned, too, but not that upset.

Max, though, is trying to find a place to hide. Maybe a Satellite of Love will be in his future, if not severe hurt from Kinga.

Afterwards, there were lots of theories about whether it’s really Jonah, if he escaped through the monster, whether it was all a dream, etc. Others didn’t like the cliffhanger because MST never did that before. They’ll just have to wait and see what’s next.

The Mole is about to start digging to Wales
It’s a charming Victorian-era fracking.

Innes and Perry enter a gathering place where a fight is planned
The Church of Castle Greyskull and Latter-Day Saints.

Innes also defeats a big ugly guy
Twas McClure-y killed the beast.

Coming up, there will be a review of the Christmas episode, and an overall review of season eleven.

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