Whedonopolis was invited to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales in the new Screen X experience.  What is the Screen X experience?  Well, it’s an immersive way to watch a movie that not only involves the screen in front of you, but the walls, as well.  The image can take up to 180 degrees of your vision at one time.

Screen X is kind of awesome and made a run of the mill movie engaging.  I was afraid that part of the image would be lost during the quiet dialogue scenes, but, for those, scenes the movie is only on the main screen.  The side walls are basically used for the big ocean battles or underwater sequences, which makes you feel like you’re there with the characters.

Future oceanic or space movies would really benefit from this kind of immersive environment, and overall it was a great experience.  However, a simple action movie might not work as well. Also, this theatre was in Korea Town, so if you don’t mind Korean subtitles it should be fine.  The subtitles were not very distracting after the first few minutes, but they should be noted.

Below is an example of what the Screen X experience looks like, though it doesn’t quite fully convey the feeling of sitting in one of those seats.  Overall, it’s pretty cool.


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