For the first time, Marvel released new scenes from its upcoming ABC series Inhumans during the first day of San Diego Comic-Con.

It also gave people a preview through a pop-up theater that was built at Horton Plaza a few blocks away from the Convention Center. Posters and snacks were given away as fans got a look at four scenes.

They all showed the Inhumans,  including Triton (Mark Moh),  Maximus (Iwan Rheon) , his silent brother and King Black Blot (Anson Mount), Medusa (Serinda Swan), Karnac (Ken Leung) and Gorgon (Eme Ikwuakor).

There’s also an extended trailer,which will be shown before Dunkirk :

The footage shows more information about who these main characters are, and their motivations. Still, who’s the girl (Sonya Balmores) who is backing Maximus? How is he convincing the common folk of Attilan that he should rule them? Most importantly, shouldn’t Inhumans/SHIELD agents Elena Rodriguez and Daisy Johnson get involved somehow, along with other Earth-bound Inhumans eventually? This is a start, at least.

The panel at Ballroom 20 was well-received as Executive VP of Marvel Television Jeph Leob  interviewed the cast. Before that, he came out out in Medusa’s wig, which Swan quickly took back. The cast and crew pointed out that the show was about a family with powers that may make them powerful, but sometimes hinder them. That’s certainly true of Black Bolt, which has a very destructive voice.

One of the more interesting comments came from Rheon, who insists Maximus is not like his character, Ramsey Bolton, on Game of Thrones. “In this society which is all about what power you have, to be where he is is the lowest of the low,” he says. “In a way, he’s a revolutionary and a forward-thinker, and he thinks that he can change the world for the better, for the people.” However, he has to be ruthless at the cost of his family. He thinks they should go to Earth instead of bringing Inhumans from Earth to Attilan. Rhoen thinks Maximus’ situation is almost Shakespearean.

Mount talked about how he was able to come up with the sign language that Black Bolt created to communicate with his family. He studied signers and even orchestra conductors. “What really helped me the most is having a collaborator who took it as seriously as I did,” he says. He also made sure this sign language didn’t overlap with American Sign Language.

While the Inhumans have to deal with a new life on Earth, they get help from a woman named Louise, played by Ellen Woglom. Not much is known about this character yet, except she has “special knowledge”.  She might even be like Skye from the first season of Agents of SHIELD.  She’s shown with Isabelle Cornish, who lays Medusa’s sister, Crystal. Cornish talked a lot about how to act while pretending a bulldog the size of a tank was beside her. She also has a plush version, as did every member of the cast.

As for the pop-up Imax theater itself, the sound and screen are very good, but maybe a bit too small compared to similar theaters. Fans chose to find the center seats to get a better look, compared to the ones on the side. It’s a nice try, but maybe they should aim for a curved seating arrangement like other IMAX screens. For the record, San Diego has two IMAX theaters at Balboa Park and Mission Valley.

The first two episode of Inhumans will be shown at IMAX theaters on September 1st, then on ABC on September 29th. It will be an eight-part series which will be followed by the return of Agents of SHIELD.

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