If you know what “splintering” is then hang on to your watches, we met with the cast and co-creator of SYFY’s hit show, 12 Monkeys at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

Letting fans binge season 3 over 3 days in May was a first-of-its-kind for the cable network and it meant we could get our breathless fix of happenings with our brave time travelers. But it also means it’ll be even longer until we get Season 4, where we hopefully find out the fate of Cole, Cassie, Jennifer and the gang.  Will Olivia be their downfall – and that of the world as we know it? Sadly, they gave no secrets away in the press room, but they did all agree there is major action and surprises in store, and that they will miss their time traveling cast members like crazy when all is done.


12 Monkeys will return to the SYFY Channel in 2018!

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