Just when you thought you weren’t going to have be on the look out for pineapples any longer, the gang from USA Network’s Psych are coming back – big time!  With Psych: The Movie arriving in December, you have plenty of time to rewatch the full 8 (!) seasons and dust off your favorite pick-up lines from Gus’ playbook.  In the meantime, catch our videos below from the reunion round tables at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.




While they couldn’t spill the beans on what we’ll see in the movie (aside from the previously announced addition of Zachary Levi and the improbable but legitimate return of Jimmi Simpson’s Mary Lightly) they did talk about what it meant to come back as a family and how the fans’ love of the series is keeping them going!

Watch for Psych: The Movie on USA Network in Dec 2017!

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