Coming in hotter and faster than Biz Betiko sling-shotting around a planet, SYFY’s The Expanse fired things up at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

Keeping up with the amazing world building of the books, EPs Hawk Ostby and Naren Shankar, along with novelists Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck (the pair who make up author James S.A. Corey), share their experiences with the past 2 seasons, and what might await us ahead. The real treasure of the series is that even for fans of the books, there are enough little plot twists and surprises to keep us guessing what will happen next, and it rewards us with the meatier pieces of the novels in televised glory.

Meanwhile, the cast share their enthusiasm for the show’s continued success and the appreciation they have for the creators who make the scripts and sets they get to work in.  Check out our interviews from the press tables and then go back and rewatch the series. You know you want to; oso to!




The Expanse will return on SYFY in 2018!


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