Now that the Defenders are slowly getting together, mainly by coincidence, the overall arc is starting to take shape. This is a key episode because it’s not only the first time the gang are fighting in the same battle, although not as a unit, but we get a key re-origin story and Alexandra’s back story.


The previous episode ended with Matt (Charlie Cox) coming out of nowhere to say he’s Jessica’s (Krysten Ritter) lawyer while Alex (Sigourney Weaver) is reunited with Matt’s mentor, Stick.

This episode, though, begins with Alex having a fine meal in Turkey, and getting important news from Sowande (Babs Olusanmokun), aka White Hat. He says they have “the Black Sky”, who we know as Elektra (Elodie Yung). This is just after the end of Daredevil’s second series.

Alex then resurrects Elektra, and prepares her as a weapon. All that she was has been removed, or so it seems. It’s interesting that Alex treats Elektra as a newborn child, guiding her to a new life. It’s also revealed that Alex, like other Hand leaders, has resurrected herself many times to continue her reign. In her case, she may have beaten death one time too many. She’s no Time Lord, after all.

Is Alex’s goal opening the “door” under New York to be immortal, thanks to the power of the Iron Fist?

Back in New York, Alex and Stick (Scott Glenn) continue their reunion. He says she won’t win because of the Iron Fist, although he isn’t sure where he is. Their banter is good, but her attempt to slap him hard was weak. He also says Iron Fist won’t help Alex and tries to get Elektra to see who Alex really is. That doesn’t work, but he suddenly clobbers Alex’s minions while chained to a pole. He’s also forced to cut off his hand to get away. It’s impressive, maybe more than our heroes. He eventually heads to Colleen’s dojo, asking for Danny.

Finally we get back to Matt and Jessica discussing the criminal charges she may be facing, until he says they don’t really exist. He still wanted to help her because as a Catholic he’s attracted to hopeless causes. He’s also aware of what she can do, but she wants no part of him. Later, though, she suspects he’s following her, so she doubles back and follows him. She also catches him climbing over a wall in a way blind people don’t do. Who is this guy?

She also has the tough job of telling John Raymond’s wife how he died, and that she will keep investigating. She tries to get more info on what buildings he was designing. It turns out one was at Hell’s Kitchen for Midland Circle Financial, a front for the Hand in season two of Daredevil. You know, the spot where that huge hole was found.

Then Luke tells Claire (Rosario Dawson) about Cole (J. Mallory McCree) getting arrested, and some weird guy with a glowing fist. After she rolls her eyes, she and Colleen (Jessica Henwick) get them together. Even though Finn Jones‘ delivery still sounds like he dubbing a Bruce Lee picture, seeing both guys explain their powers to each other is very funny.

It takes a sudden turn when Luke wonders why Danny won’t use his money and influence to attack the top of the Hand rather than those who work for the Hand to feed their families. Yes, “white privilege” was mentioned in the argument. For now, Luke’s not sold on a partnership.

Actually, Danny thinks Luke is right. He does own 51% of his company, and should use that. He learns the Hand is laundering money through Midland Circle Financial. He confronts its board, and meets the chairman….Alexandra. Once the board members start holding billy clubs, he and Colleen start fighting. Surprisingly, Luke even joins in.

Earlier, Luke visited Cole in jail. Cole tells Luke to walk away because “they have eyes and ears everywhere.” Luke asks if it’s the Hand, but Cole’s silent look gives him the answer. Later, he learns Cole was killed in an “accident” which breaks his mom’s heart. That’s why Luke heads to MCF to get more answers, and finds a fight.

They’re about to get help, though. Matt and Jessica both arrive at the building, and he tells her to leave. She doesn’t, of course, and they’re pulled into the fight. He also uses her scarf as a mask. The battle looks a little fake, especially how the bodies hurtle against the hallways.

Then Elektra arrives, and fights Matt. It takes a while but he recognizes her. Because of that, she hesitates. This will spark Matt’s belief she can be brought back from the dead, which could threaten our heroes’ chances of winning.

Elektra is stopped by Danny’s fist, and the heroes retreat to an elevator. Sadly, the episode doesn’t end with this:

That would have made it complete.

That’s how a new team is born….if they want to be. They’re still not sure what’s happening. They’ll spend the next episode discussing it at a Chinese restaurant.

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