As the second season of Dirk Gently winds down, it looks more likely Wendimoor may not get a happy ending even if Dirk can get the boy back. Some familiar faces do come back, but the story is getting more violent than whimsical.


Once again, the show starts with a flashback. Young Arnold calls Blackwing to take his brother after their parents have died. The brother tries to get to Wendimoor via the Murphy bed. Instead, he has a seizure that is also an EMP that affects all of Bergsberg. It’s also confirmed the boy is Project Moloch, and he can’t save Wendimoor if he’s still in a coma

Speaking of the realm, Suzie (Amanda Walsh) goes into super-scene chewing as she declares no one can stop her. She does get more power, but it’s unclear how much of the old Suzie is still there. If she lost her magic, would she be reduced to a pile of dust like the Book Club she killed? For now, she is all-powerful. She crushes Wygar Oak (Alecks Paunovic) to death, and orders Lord Triangle (Christian Sloan) to kill everyone, while Dirk, Silas (Lee Majdoub) and their friends get away.

Back at Blackwing, Hugo (Dustin Milligan) and Ken (Mpho Koaho) try to find Mona (Alexia Fast). As usual Hugo panics, shooting at anything that might be her. He doesn’t notice Mona is the gun, then turns into chains that have wrapped around his throat. Ken is able to talk Mona down and become herself.She really looks like a quirky girl if not for the shapeshifting abilities. She’d rather call herself a holistic actress who isn’t sure what she’s supposed to be. She’s told about Dirk and how she freed him. She says a tiny voice told her to do that, no doubt Watki’s.

Elsewhere, Priest (Alan Tudyk) tries to learn more about the Cardenas house, but Bart (Fiona Dourif) and Panto (Christopher Russell) soon get involved. She’s not happy to see Priest again. He tries to get Ken to convince Bart to surrender, and she is surprised to see Ken again via tablet. She wonders how Ken got into that little tablet, but trying to get to Wendimoor is more important. Panto geta past Priest and the Blackwing guards quite effectively with an oversized pair of scissors. Priest doesn’t even fire a shot. That was a pleasant surprise in this show.

The Mage (John Hannah) , though, is still planning a lot of very destructive mischief. He had Sheriff Hobbs (Tyler Labine) hypnotized and loading something in his car. Tina (Izzie Steele) and Farah (Jade Eshete) are struggling to arrest the Mage, but since they were stabbed by him, it’s difficult. He’s not even intimidated, because he has his wand. He even taunts Farah for being a failure. He even uses her dad, but what relatives of Farah would handle the Mage? Anyway, he wants to blow up the Cardenas house so no one can get to Wendimoor, and he can just ruin our world.

With disturbing glee, the Mage forces Hobbs, Farah and Tina to shoot each other. It’s amazing how he admits he prefers the personal touch when it comes to torture and murder rather than just outsource it to some army. He nearly makes Farah kill herself, but her gun has no bullets. She is able to shoot the wand off his hand, and blow up Hobbs’ car. The Mage gets away, while Hobbs, Tina and Farah slowly die of their wounds.

It’s still strange why the Mage let Suzie go back to Wendimoor rather than defeat her, too. While he claims no one from Wendimoor can beat him, can’t he go back there or is he worried he’ll lose? Seeing Suzie and the Mage have one last battle would make sense, and it might happen in the finale.

Todd (Elijah Wood) and Dirk (Samuel Barnett) disagree over what to do next. Dirk wants to get Moloch from Blackwing, while Todd thinks they need a plan to beat Suzie. Suddenly, Todd’s pararibulitis comes back, and he thinks he sees barbed wire around his leg. Amanda (Hannah Marks) tells her to use the pain and fear to his advantage. Suddenly the wire shows up for real, and he removes it. This means he can change reality, just like her. That might help when Suzie and the Kellum Guard get closer.

When Bart arrives in Wendimoor with a chainsaw she just happened to have, she is stunned by the smiling moon. She’s also surprised Panto is reunited with Silas, and they have a big kiss to celebrate it. They head to Inglenook, where nearly everyone is dead except for the heads of Dengdamoor and the Trosts. Silas and Panto get them to stop, and thinks they should unite against Suzie.

At that point, the Kellum guard guns everyone down. They fire a hundred shots at Bart, but they don’t hit her, This proves the universe is protecting her, but it may not protect the guard from her chainsaw.

Suzie sends Triangle and his soldiers to Blackwing to kill the boy and anyone else that may get in their way. They travel by magic pool, which explains the wet spots that are left behind. At Blackwing, Ken learns through those old files Moloch had the ability to create new worlds, but a stroke he had while Dirk was there thinned the barrier between our world and Wendimoor.

Although Ken isn’t with his friends this season, he still plays a big role in things thanks to the files. Hugo, though, feels threatened because he is in charge (although he never has been that). When Triangle arrives, he kills many soldiers, but Hugo just stands there. It’s unclear if he gets killed,

As for Dirk, Todd, Amanda and the Rowdy 3, they head back to the ruins and find the magic pool. Dirk tells Amanda to make a path for him to Blackwing to get Moloch. She says she can only send him there but not bring him back. Todd decides to dip his hands in the pool, too, and it works. As Suzie gets closer thanks to her evil and very cheesy laugh, the Rowdies volunteer to slow her down.

Then the perfect ending:  as Dirk is about to jump into the pool, he says “Don’t Panic”. True fans of Douglas Adams know those words.

However, should Dirk and his friends panic if they can’t beat Suzie and the Mage? Also, if Moloch wakes up, does that cause Wendimoor to disappear? Remember how the Purple People Eater almost ate his dad until Moloch woke up. This very grim fairy tale will end next week, but don’t count on a happy ending for everyone.

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