Where have you been, Leo Fitz?

You were the only SHIELD agent that alien bald guy didn’t take to the future. How did you find your way to 2091?

This week, fans find out, and see some familiar faces….and maybe a future enemy if the agents get back


This episode is time-off for most of the agents, but it’s a chance for Iain de Caestecker to shine after being off the show for a month. He shows Fitz is still affected from being in the Framework, taking desperate measures to find the teams. He’s worried about a darkness within him, but he doesn’t know that will be helpful when he enters the harsh and cruel world of the late 2000’s.

It’s great to see Nick Blood return as Lance Hunter. Seeing them work together easily suggests they can become a great spinoff. The fact they argue over Liverpool and Manchester United and still be friends makes them a spy show the British only wish they made.

Of course, they can do the same for Bobbi Hunter and Gemma. Too bad Adrianne Palicki is busy on a spaceship called the Orville.
When Fitz went to the diner with the rest of the team he expected to be arrested for what happened after the Framework. What he didn’t expect was his friends to disappear, while a General named Hale (Catherine Dent) would ask him again and again what happened to them. Hale doesn’t believe a fake Daisy shot General Talbot in the head or that an android named Aida nearly took over the world. She does know that surveillance cameras were blacked out just before the agents disappeared.

While locked in his cell Fitz asks for books and a TV to keep up with the Premier League. After six months, he thinks they were taken by aliens. That’s true, but General Hale doesn’t believe it.

Suddenly, Fitz’s “lawyer” shows up, which is Lance. Fitz used specially written letters to a soccer fan-zine to contact Lance, and it took a while for him to get them. They escape in an RV left behind by a paranoid friend of Lance’s. Lance says his relationship with Bobbi is just great…mostly. They’re “100% compatible, 50% of the time”. They almost got remarried but some ninjas interrupted the ceremony. That fact alone is why Hulu or Netflix should consider making a movie with those two.

They find the bald guy who sent the agents to the future. His name is Enoch (Joel Stoffer) , an alien anthropologist who came to Earth 30,000 years ago to examine the development of humans. He says he sent the agents to 2091 to fulfill a prophecy revealed by a seer.

The big surprise is who the seer is… Robin Hinton (Lexy Kolker), the little girl who was seen at the end of season three. She’s the daughter of the Inhuman who could predict death with a touch. Her mom, Polly (Lola Glaudini), is there, too. Just as Hale and her troops are about to capture them, Fitz, Lance, Enooch, Polly and Robin disappear. Actually, Robin “edited” time so that the troops lost 30 minutes.

That gets the attention of General Hale, who thinks Robin should be a weapon that she controlls That makes the general our version of Lady Basha, if you recall why she bought a young Inhuman.

Robin sees the past, present and future all at once and draws them. She draws Kree, assorted events at the Lighthouse, and the agents. There’s even Earth with a big crack in the middle. That may have been the prophecy that got Enoch going.

They find refuge under a lighthouse in Lake Ontario (remember the postcard the agents found a few weeks ago?).  Lance and Fitz discuss what has happened. Fitz says he fears what he had become, even in a virtual world. That even includes pointing a gun at Enoch demanding answers. Lance says that while Fitz is upset he has a dark side, he can use it to do whatever it takes to save Coulson and his crew.

Enoch says he’s not able to get Fitz to 2091 because the path is controlled by someone in the future (maybe in what is left of future Earth). However, when Robin draws a picture that may show the agents along with a dead body, Enoch says there is another way. They can use the capsule Enoch used to get to Earth, stored at the military prison where Fitz was held.  Road Trip!

Thanks to a Southern drawl and a couple of ferrets used as decoys,Fitz and Lance find the capsule and weapons they plan to take with them to the future. Better yet, they find a SHIELD quinjet and take off. General Hale’s reaction to this is drastic: she kills her two assistants without a blink. She will be a problem soon.

Lance says good-bye to Fitz (with a Star Wars exchange) and promises to look after Robin and Polly. Fitz gets into the capsule for his trip to 2019. Will Fitz tear through the space-time continuum?

Nope. He’ll take the Steve Rogers approach and stay on ice for 74 years. He’ll be in space so General Hale can’t find him.

Sure enough, it works. Fitz wakes up in a spaceship 365 million miles away from the Lighthouse. He sees Enoch, and they plan their next move. Enoch wonders if Fitz is up to the task.

Seeing Fitz’s determined face is the only answer Enoch needs.

It was a shock seeing Leo Fitz at the end of last week’s episode. Fans were glad to see him again. They’re also pleased he is ready for the dark world that awaits him.

Based on the preview, Fitz will be reunited with Gemma in two weeks, while Daisy’s big fight will likely be against Sinara. However, May’s fate is still unknown.

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