What if you could change your body as easily as changing your pants?

That’s the premise behind Altered Carbon, which will have its first season February second on Netflix.

It stars Joel Kinnaman from The Killing and Robocop as Takeshi Kovacs, who was an assassin who later becomes a revolutionary. He dies, but is revived 300 years later in another body. In the 24th century, human consciousness is digitized, and people can change their bodies, now called sleeves.

Kovacs is hired by a rich guy played by James Purefoy. He wants to know who killed him, or rather his previous body.

There’s also a group who is against cheating death through “resleeving.”

There is a flashback scene that shows Kovacs’ previous body, in a battle with his sister, played by Dichen Lachman

Here’s the trailer for the show…


February will be a very good month for Netflix. Two week after this show airs, Marvel’s Jessica Jones will be back for her second season.

For more info, go to netflix.com/alteredcarbon

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