Plenty of action happening this week, as the Kree takes brutal measures to get Daisy. However, some tricky maneuvers wind up helping Kasius. Flint gets control of his Inhuman powers, and May and Enoch are found on what’s left of Earth by someone very unexpected.



The Kree spend a lot of time trying to get Daisy back because she’s the “destroyer of worlds”, but the episode also shows how the Kree will do anything to climb the social ladder. It even supplies some sympathy towards Kasius (Dominic Rains), who just wants to be get out of Earth and get his father’s favor back.

He was only cut in the face by Jemma last week, and will recover. The real scars come from his brother Faulnak, who spends much of his time listing Kasius’ failings as a Kree, especially when he was put in a military situation he wasn’t able to handle. He also likes guns, and how easily they can kill from a distance. Kasius admits Sinara helped him out, but Faulnak doesn’t care. He just wants Daisy as his prize, and nothing else. It’s the Kree version of Game of Thrones.

Faulnak unleashes his warrior Maston-Dar (Remington Hoffman), and he is a relentless hunter against Daisy, Jemma and Fitz. He even shoots Fitz in the sternum, but Fitz is a tough guy. He was also able to remove the gizmo Kasius inserted to enslave her, but Daisy’s implant that puts her powers on hold is still there. She’s still able to fight, but if she still fears she was the reason the Earth was destroyed, she might consider keeping it until she figures out it wasn’t her.

Maston-Dar is also killing innocent humans, demanding they say where Daisy is. This upsets Flint (Coy Stewart), a newly-minted Inhuman, when he learns Tess was killed because of him. He wonders if he should surrender, but Mac says Flint should use his mastery over rocks to fight back. Flint seems to prefer surrendering to the Vicar, but when the Vicar (Isaac C. Singleton Jr. ) says he won’t give Flint anything, he’s killed by a stone daggar…made by Flint.

Sinara is nearby, though, and knocks out Flint. She plans to use him to flush out Daisy, but doesn’t notice Daisy’s 15 feet away with Mac and Coulson. Daisy does “surrender”, but gets the drop on Sinara. They try to find a way to get to the trawler, and are met by Deke (Jeff Bell), Mr. “Long Game”. He somehow got out of the sealed room, and says he wants to help but the agents don’t believe him. He says they can get to the trawler thanks to an anti-gravity device. They agree…if Deke goes last.

They get out before Maston-Dar and Sinara break down the wall into the next room. Their attempt may have taken a bit too long, or there could have been another fight. However, Sinara surprisingly kills Maston-Dar, maybe to get the glory of getting Daisy back. Too bad she got away.

Faulnuk (Samuel Roukin) is upset by the agents’ escape, but he’ll punish his brother while giving Sinara (Florence Faivre) another chance. Kasius has a better idea: killing his brother and working even harder to get Daisy back. He’ll hide the fact he killed his brother, and Sinara will go along with that. Is it because she loves Kasius, or is he next?

As the agents head to the trawler, Flint makes a surprising decision: he’ll stay to fight the Kree with his rock powers. This is a big step for him, and he may become the spark of a rebellion which will end the Kree’s tyranny. Not only that, Mac and Elena will help him.

Fitz tells them he’s left behind a lot of SHIELD weapons, just in case. He also apologizes for sending May to what’s left of the Earth’s surface because he hasn’t heard of Vrellnexian monsters.

Speaking of May, someone arrives to save her. It’s Enoch (Joel Stoffer), who shows his powers as a Chronicum includes pretending to be Kree. She doesn’t like the explanation, or the fact he sent the agents to the future. He says he’s got a plan, but someone else on Earth has captured them both.

The last scene reveals who it is:  a very old woman with a wooden bird.

It’s Robin, the Seer (Willow Hale), now in her 70s. She’s living inside SHIELD’s Zephyr quinjet. She still has problems figuring out what is past or present, and thinks the end is near.

Meanwhile, Coulson is on his way, but is having some problems trying to fly the trawler like Lola. It’s safe to say he’ll make it, but the Kree will be right behind.

The episode had a lot of action and some advancement thanks to Flint and the Kree power struggle, and it looks like they will get the humans at the Lighthouse to decide to fight. No more long games, or submission to survive. If SHIELD averts the destruction of the Earth in the past, a different future may happen, but the need to help people is still there and very important to the agents.

One more thing:  Whedonopolis checked the ABC schedule for future episodes, and it’s possible SHIELD will take a break to avoid competing against the Olympics. This could mean the show would take a one-month break, but there are enough Fridays to wrap up the season by mid-May. We’ll keep you posted.

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