Being a girl who can see the future, but unable to know whether it’s the past or present, can be very difficult. When Robin the Seer predicts it’s the last day, does it mean the agents are doomed?  Why does the episode show things that didn’t happen, but according to Robin will?  One thing is clear, Kasius is determined to get Daisy back, dead or alive, and kill anyone in his way.

This week’s episode is a bit confusing because it shows what would have happened if the agents were not sent to the future. It shows how the Earth would be destroyed, probably in 2018, and maybe Daisy is to blame. The first scene shows the agents witness a catastrophe, with young Robin (Lexy Kolker at age 7, Ava Kolker at age 12) and old Robin (Willow Hale) trying to remember something. This shows Robin’s the link between 2018 and 2091, seeing things that will happen. Thing is, the agents were taken into the future, and maybe whatever caused it can be stopped if they can ever get back. Why else did Enoch (Joel Stoffer) decide to get the agents, was it due to Robin’s visions?

There’s arguments about whether time and the future can be changed. Anyone who’s watched Doctor Who must know time can be “adjusted” a bit. However, in the timeline where the agents never arrived to the future, Fitz argues time can’t be changed, but May thinks it can because of what Robin sees. The only problem is Robin’s predictions are usually death. That will upset Fitz when Robin sees Jemma’s death. Elena is upset Robin sees someone named Flint (as in the rock-controlling Inhuman) who’s not yet born. This happens at at time where Elena loses Mack and will fight the Kree despite Robin predicting how it will turn out. Robin may remind people of Bronaja the seer from Inhumans, who gave predictions that Maximus thought would mean power for him, but led to something quite different.

Enoch tells Coulson that trying to get information from Robin is difficult. They say to have patience, but that’s something SHIELD doesn’t have. Coulson does have optimism, which May doesn’t quite have because she’s injured and Daisy’s powers have been muted.

Coulson and the agents learn more about their future from Samuel Voss (Michael McGrady), who explains how they were able to survive inside the Zephyr. He’s glad to see Deke (Jeff Ward), and explains his dad is somewhere else. It’s later revealed Dad actually died, Voss thinks he can change the future by dealing with the past. He shows Daisy more “video proof” that it’s her fault Earth was cracked in two in 2018. She’s seen leaving the Zephyr in a “last known video”, then the gravity storms happened. He thinks if Daisy doesn’t go back to the past, she doesn’t destroy the world. She is nearly stabbed because of it.

This part of the story arc is the worst because it’s terrible that she is blamed for something she may not have done, while Flint, the Inhuman who controls rocks, may have an important part in all this. Hopefully Daisy won’t think she has to sacrifice herself to save everyone because of the “proof”.

Meanwhile, Flint (Coy Stewart), Elena and Mack deal with Vrellnexians who have invaded the Lighthouse thanks to a vengeful Kasius. The remaining humans blame Flint, but Mack will have none of this. Thanks to some SHIELD equipment provided by Fitz, they’re able to divert the V-N’s into a room, where Elena exterminates them. This convinces the humans to finally unite against the Kree.

Fitz and Simmons find that a cyclotron has been added to the Zephyr, designed by him in the alternate timeline. There’s also a connection to the Monolith that could get them back. They find a piece thanks to Voss, but need the rest.

As for Robin, she spends most of the time drawing, unable to give any clear answers aside from “the last day is coming”. Her biggest moment is towards the end, when it was revealed May raised Robin in the alternate timeline after her mom Polly died. That explains May’s closeness to her, and the fact May was not afraid of Robin’s power.
However, Voss’ attempt to kill Daisy to change time leads to him stabbing Robin. This is what she meant by “the last day”, because it was hers. Robin realizes she hasn’t seen how the agents could be saved because she hasn’t lived it yet. Now she has, and whispers the solution to May.

It’s a tragic ending for Robin, but it also provides real hope.
May tells the others there is a way out, asking “Who is Flint?”

Meanwhile, Sinara (Florence Faivre) is ready to wipe out all humans, and take Daisy back in any form. In their mind, this is the Lighthouse and humans’ last day.

It was an interesting episode, but a little confusing because of the alternate timeline scenes, It does show the agents were meant to head to the future to cancel out what could happen between 2018 and 2091.  Nothing was mentioned about what happened to Lance or General Hale, who was after Robin’s clairvoyant powers. Voss’ belief that killing Daisy in the future would change time came out of nowhere, but his desperation is clear. It may also be the wrong solution

Next week, the humans finally fight back against the Kree, but is it too little too late?

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