A Series of Unfortunate Events​​ is coming back for season 2 on Netflix on March 30th, but first Nathan Fillion dropped by WonderCon to tease us about the new season and his character of Jacques Snicket, the less known brother of Lemony Snicket.

You are opposite Neil Patrick Harris again. Is it some sort of fate?  How did this happen?

Nathan Fillion: I imagine Neil sitting, drinking his morning coffee thinking “I need someone I can really hate. Who would be the perfect nemesis? …Nathan.”  I love working with Neil. [He] does perfect work.  I watched the first season of A Series of Unfortunate Events​​ and then I got a text from Neil saying “keep your eyes open, we’re going to send you a little something so maybe you can come join us…”  It’s such a beautiful program…it’s like a spooky painting.  It’s so gorgeous in its ugliness.  It’s written so eloquently and there is so much going on that can entertain.  The chance to work with Neil again? And then we slip into roles we’re so comfortable with… playing enemies.

So you watched the first season, was there any story or character you were enraptured by?

Nathan Fillion: It’s such and amazing world and there is so much beauty in it.. that the kids are the smartest guys in the room always got a little frustrating for me, but I can see how it would be satisfying for a younger audience.

The baby is the smartest one in the room

Nathan Fillion: Boom!  When you talk about capable actors…That baby is on it.

Can you share any behind the scenes details?

Nathan Fillion: Doing TV is alot of work and is a group effort.  You need to hire the right people to do the right jobs and it’s time intensive.  When I come to work I know I’m going to work the full day through.  There’s going to be alot expected of you, but you’re part of a machine.  When I come to work and Neil has already been there for two hours getting stuff glued to his face and he’s going to be there an hour after I leave to get it taken off.  And then he’s coming right back the next day… I mean that’s alot of work.  He’s signed on to what I would consider torture, but I think..work is his life’s blood.  Jacques Snicket is the perfect role for me.  Come on in, put a mustache on and then in two weeks I’m done!  I come in, I dip my toe in and then I walk away taking the credit.  That’s what I do.

I’m going to be honest with you… I think my career is a long line of me riding on other people’s coattails.  But my gift is knowing which coattails to ride on.

You’ve done a lot of broadcast television.  Is there any difference doing a Netflix show?

Nathan Fillion: The day to day is the same.  The kinds of projects are different.  I think Netflix takes a lot more risks when it comes to “let’s see if this sticks”.  Once your project is out there its accessible at any point in time.  If you didn’t tune in on Wednesday, you can still binge watch it on Thursday.

What is the best thing about your character?

Nathan Fillion: I think he has an immutable goodness about him.  I think Lemony Snicket is a depressed guy because he’s been through a great deal, but in the timeline Jacques didn’t have to experience all that horribleness.  Jacques still has a lot of hope and a lot of drive to do what’s right.




If you want to listen to the interview with Nathan Fillion in its entirety click the audio file below.

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