Ruby Hale thinks her destiny is to be the Destroyer of Worlds.

No one will stop her…not even her mom.

She starts to take center stage on the show as she finally challenges Daisy.

How could this be a honeymoon?

That’s because Fitz and Simmons are using what would have been a honeymoon to stop General Hale’s plans involving gravitonium.


This episode was a bit more scattered than it was last week, going from a rescue to someone hoping to crack the Earth…and everything else in between.

First, let’s get to what should have been built up more: the showdown between Daisy and Ruby. The fight was good but a bit of a letdown because it was short. At least we learn Ruby considers a hero to be beaten rather than admired, especially Daisy. Despite Ruby’s fighting and bloody chakram, she’s no match for Daisy’s seismic skills. Ruby gets shoved into a tree, and Deke comes out of nowhere to butt in. He winds up getting shot thanks to General Hale (Catherine Dent) also interfering.

This scene generates a lot of suspense towards Deke (Jeff Ward), as Piper (Briana Venskus) and Mack try to pool what meager medical skills they have to heal him. It looked bad for him for a while, but it wouldn’t have made sense to have him die in the past. Still, it was funny hearing him profess his love for Daisy while under a lot of drugs after the surgery. If he wasn’t from the future, putting him with Daisy would be interesting.

However, the fight also convinces Ruby to rebel against her mom, especially after she’s sent to her bedroom/vault. Even though Ruby is 18, she acts like a spoiled brat more like a deadly assassin.  Thanks to Werner (Spencer Treat Clark) breaking into her room with news he’s figured how to use the chamber that will fuse her to the gravitonium, she decides to break out and take control of her life

She tries to tell her mom that she’s tried to be the perfect daughter/assassin but it’s too hard. Dove Cameron tries to express her frustration, but her face doesn’t emote as much as it should. Fans who remember Faith or Glory from Buffy, or even Saffron from Firefly, know how a bad girl should act. Cameron as Ruby doesn’t quite do it as well.

However, when Ruby tells Hale she is her weakness, and Hale tries to comfort her, the way Ruby says “and I’m yours” before trapping the general in the bedroom vault was more convincing. She’s also developing a sweet smile with her twisted thinking. Still, she needs more than that to be a convincing bad girl.

The point is, General Hale wanted a Super Soldier, and hoped Ruby would be that. Now Ruby will stop at nothing to fulfill that role, and Hale realizes she made some big mistakes.

Meanwhile, Fitz, Simmons and Elena break into a HYDRA facility in England to find weapons they may have. They do find the chamber, and put it out of commission. However, they also find Ivanov (ZachMcGowan), who’s been sent to protect the chamber. It’s also discovered he’s an LMD that also controls other robot guards. The guards have Fitz and Simmons pinned down. He apologizes this wasn’t the honeymoon he had hoped to give her, but the fact that she’s protecting England from evil robots with her husband is still pretty good in her mind.
Ivanov squares off with Elena, telling her he’s practically immortal with a robot body. She’s having problems with her arms because they can’t handle her speed. She beats him by shoving him through a window, and she falls with him. He’s out of commission, along with the robots, while she survives.

All three are about to leave when Ruby and Werner get to the HYDRA base, and force them to fix the chamber so Ruby can be Gravitonium Girl. Fitz suspects this was inevitable because they still haven’t broken the time loop.

Elena did tell him and Simmons a few minutes before she learned from her future clone that Coulson has to die to break the loop. Coulson died very briefly last week, but nothing has changed. Does he have to die once and for all? If so, why have a season six at all? There has to be another way.

Speaking of Coulson, he and May argue over his recklessness lately. She says he shouldn’t have made Daisy the leader, surrendered to Hale so easily, or even accepted his impending death. He should think about people who love him, including her. Yes, May told Coulson she loves him, although it was done harshly. If May was hoping to scare Coulson into embracing life, it’s a start.

Even with the rescue of Coulson, Ruby’s fights with Daisy and her mom, and the HYDRA mission, the most important character this week could be General Talbot. He’s having a tough time being stuck in the snow with Coulson, but actually trying to recover from his head wound. Adrian Pasdar is very good showing the general’s frustrations, and also his amusement when he learns Coulson was in the future.

Still, he misses his family, and Daisy gets him a secure line to his wife. Unfortunately, Mrs. Talbot reads a special message convincing him to “comply”, and he agrees. It’s proof Hale turned him into a sleeper agent to kill Coulson and his crew. That was a very surprising twist. Also, how did Hale convince Mrs. Talbot to comply?

What will destroy SHIELD first, Ruby Hale merging with gravitonium and probably cracking the earth, or Talbot killing Coulson and his agents?

We’ll find out next week.

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