Anyone remember this t-shirt?

Believe it or not, this inspired a musical that is heading from the stage to YouTube this summer.

A group called For The Love of Parody recently produced a stage production called “Buffy Kills Edward” where the Slayer and the Twilight franchise both get spoofed, ending in an unlikely showdown. It’s the musical Sweet the Musical Demon never foresaw.
A trailer, along with a few scenes, were shown at Whedoncon in Woodland Hills, CA recently. It will be shown in 20 parts, about two to five minutes each, premiering at the same time on YouTube this August.

Creator Laura Wiley, who wrote the music and lyrics, says she was promoting a musical spoof of Game of Thrones when she saw the famous t-shirt and knew there was a musical in that.
She started writing things three years ago, including a musical spoof of the Hunger Games. That led to a spoof on GoT. She’s planning to spoof Sex and the City later this year.
“There has not been a Buffy/Twilight crossover as far as I could find,” she says, “It makes sense that the worlds would collide.” It appeared at the Hollywood Fringe Festival and even an Australian version was made.
It also helps that Wiley is a big fan of Buffy. “I still cry like a baby with season two episode 18 (Killed by Death),” she says, “and I still get am really annoyed by season five, episode one” because Dawn suddenly showed up.  Wiley had to go back to season four to check if she missed something.
Anyway, the trailer has been released:

The cast is multi-talented in more ways than one. Lauren Sperling (left), who plays Rosalie, is also a make up artist as well as an actor. Sherry Berg, who plays Buffy, also has experience in film production. The group is really tight-knit, which is why they were able to make the film in four weekends.

Wiley hopes someone from the show will see it, especially Sarah Michelle Gellar, who enjoys musical spoofs including one on her movie Cruel Intentions.

There’s already a Facebook page that includes pictures from the show and a clip from Hollywood Fringe. More is expected in the next few weeks,  The troupe also has its own Facebook page for its other events.

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