We never get enough episodes with all of the Mikaelsons together on The Originals and I’m always excited when we get those rare episodes. This was definitely one of the best of the series.

Last week I thought that maybe the Mikaelsons were locked in Elijah’s (Daniel Gillies) mind. It made sense because he collapsed when Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) was trying to give him back his memories. They weren’t trapped in Elijah’s mind, and he did not have his memories back, at least not the most important things.

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Last week Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) said she would do whatever it took to save their family and asked Freya (Riley Voelkel) for help. I never expected them to find a spell so quickly. Hope knows her family well. She knew none of them would agree to her taking the evil spirit out of them and her taking it back, so she had to keep them occupied while she did the spell.

This episode is one of the best because it was about the family and Hope. It was about them finding keys to get out of the prison, and each key was hidden in something that had meaning to Hope about that person. We got to learn what each of the Mikaeslsons means to Hope. We also got to see flashbacks with Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin). This made me very happy because I was afraid we were never going to see her again. Hope may not have been in this episode but her spirit was. Marcel also showed how much he knew about the family, which should come as no surprise. He was able to find Rebekah’s (Claire Holt) and Elijah’s keys.

As angry as Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is at Elijah, he still helped him get his memories back. As soon as Elijah woke up, the pain set in. The pain of losing Hayley consumed him. Even Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic), who isn’t even close to Elijah, teared up watching his brother in so much pain. I’m glad to have Elijah back, but sad to see him in such pain. 

Besides getting to see the Mikaelsons all together, this episode was good because of the emotional depth it had. It was hard not to tear up when Klaus was telling Elijah (without his memories) what Elijah means to him. Klaus was so hurt not to have his brother and so hurt that Hayley had to die thinking Elijah had come to save her, but really hadn’t. And who couldn’t cry when Elijah was consumed with grief over Hayley when he finally got his memories back? The raw emotion from Daniel and Joseph was very powerful and definitely made the episode.

Riley also had a powerful moment when Freya was explaining to Klaus why they have to let Hope make her own choices. The only time Hope has ever acted out is over her father and as Freya pointed out, how will she act out over losing her mother and not being able to have her father? It was a powerful moment to go with the other great moments of the episode.

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