The cast and showrunner of The 100 joined us in the press room at WonderCon 2019 to discuss the upcoming sixth season. Check out the full interviews below!

Eliza Taylor (“Clarke”) says we’ll see a completely different side of Clarke this season; one that’s been one of the most difficult for her to play in her twenty plus year career as an actor. It’s given her a chance to expand her skillset and explore a side of Clarke she didn’t know existed. ***SPOILERS: Eliza’s interview includes 6×1 spoilers****

Eliza Taylor (“Clarke”)

Richard Harmon (“Murphy”) says this season is a season of growth for all the characters. Sachin Sahel (“Jackson”) says they’re in a new place they’re unprepared for, and people having to deal with things they’ve never dealt with before.

Richard Harmon (“Murphy”) & Sachin Sahel (“Jackson”)

Jason Rothenberg (EP/Showrunner) says he was partially inspired for season six by the story of the Roanoke colony; he says one of his favorite things to do is create these new worlds.

Jason Rothenberg (EP/Showrunner)

JR Bourne (“Russell”) says he loves Russell; fans can expect to see a layered, and charismatic character.

Shannon Kook (“Jordan”) & JR Bourne (“Russell”)

Marie Avgeropoulos (“Octavia”) says she thinks fans will get to see Octavia be the emotional she’s ever been in season six. She thinks Octavia hit rock bottom in season five, so she thinks things can only go up for her this season.

Marie Avgeropoulos (“Octavia”)

Tasya Teles (“Echo”) says that over the years Echo has become less reactive; everyone says she tried to kill Octavia… she actually tried NOT to kill Octavia. She’s a lot more observant now. Tasya says she would like to teach Echo to loosen up more, and to be able to become more comfortable with the group and get past some of her abandonment issues.

Tasya Teles (“Echo”)
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