A Sneak Preview of Jessica Jones’ Final Season on Netflix

The Marvel era is set to end soon, as Jessica Jones will have her final season tomorrow. The final trailer is here…

A man wants to ruin Jessica’s life by pointing out things nearly all of New York knows? Sounds strange, but there may be more to what this clever psychopath has in mind.
Add this to the fact that Trish is trying to be just like Jess, and Malcolm now works for Hogarth and might be headed to a dark path, it may lead to an unpleasant end that will affect them all.
We’ve seen half of the episodes already. We’ll have a review of those over the weekend, then the rest a few days later.

In fact, here’s a clip between Jessica and Trish, as they argue about Trish’s desire to be a hero and why Jess thinks that is insane. The tension over Trish’s decision to kill Jess’ super-powered and unstable mom at the end of season two is also present.

The season also features star Krysten Ritter’s first episode as director.
It begins early Friday morning, June 14th. Learn more at netflix.com/jessicajones.

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