At last, SHIELD has a showdown with Sarge, the man with Coulson’s face, but it turns out he’s pretty good at outsmarting them. Meanwhile, Fitz, Simmons and Enoch try to find a way home, and almost lose their heads doing it.


Clark Gregg must be having a ball playing Sarge, an alien hunter who knows a lot about the Shrike and the threat they pose. SHIELD thinks they can get him off balance by showing him he looks just like Phil Coulson (thanks to a hologram), and remind Sarge he’s not that guy. Yet, with a look and a bit of a smirk, he thinks he can get the upper hand and practically be in charge. This episode shows how it’s not that far-fetched.

It also shows that Alphonse MacKenzie has some doubts about whether he can be the boss, due to the threats of Sarge and the Shrike. That’s why he’s glad to have Daisy back from deep space as an advisor. She’s disappointed he and Elena broke up, but she’s confident she can help out. She also tells him the job wasn’t always easy for Coulson, either.

SHIELD tries to help out Jaco (Winston James Francis), who’s having problems breathing. He reveals his family ran bakeries before his planet was destroyed. However, it’s revealed he can somehow breathe fire, which would have gotten him a job on Game of Thrones. It’s not certain if his condition was related to what happened to his world.

The crew finds two men in Iowa who apparently have Shrike in them. Sarge offers to help, but Mack isn’t taking that offer. However, when the Shrike explode within the two men and create a massive crystalline block which could bring the quinjet down, Sarge offers his help if he’s set free.
Mack has to agree, and finds out massive cold will break the crystals.
Sarge’s response: “Toldja”.
Like it or not, SHIELD needs Sarge’s help to stop the Shrike, and whoever made them. That guy is coming, too.

In deep space, Fitz, Simmons and Enoch (Joel Stoffer) are stranded in Kitzon again, thanks to Enoch not having enough experience in using a transport hoop.
Of course, Fitz and Simmons are not too happy about it. It gets worse when they get captured and meet Kitzon (Anthony Michael Hall) the gangster that the gambling planet is named after. He’s proud of his family making this deep space version of Vegas. He’s not happy about what Fitz and Simmons have done, like cheating by using Enoch. He suggests a gambling game that involves trying to keep a guillotine from killing themselves.
However, they get bought by a mercenary named Izel, played by Karolina Wydra…

Aside from saving them from a rigged game, Izel needs their help to recover from stolen artifacts. Fitz and Simmons wonders how they can help, but Izel says they can…and they’re headed to Earth.
Enoch decides it’s time to go and help his fellow Chromicoms find a new home. He does leave them with an emergency phone, just in case.

This part of the episode may have been a bit contrived by someone out of nowhere saving Fitz and Simmons. However, it may be safe to say that somehow Enoch and maybe Kitzon may make a return pretty soon. That reason could be the Shrike.

Meanwhile, Deke (Jeff Ward) tries to brag about his success to Daisy, and comment how Michael Jordan was a visionary but for a different reason. He changes his tune when he’s stunned to learn his “grandmother” Jemma found Fitz, who he thought was dead. Mack points out Deke could have stayed with SHIELD instead of using his future knowledge to make money. Deke admits that’s a good point, and is soon very useful in hacking Sarge’s tracker and finding those Shrike.
This doesn’t mean this will lead to Queke (Quake+Deke), but it’s a start.

Next week’s episode kicks off the big two-parter, “Collision Course”, where getting to Earth and beating the Shrike will be the main concerns.

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