Apparently Fitz and Simmons’ new friend has kept a lot from them as they head to Earth. Still, it’s something Sarge already knows about her. It leads to a literal collision that could lead to the end of the world…. maybe




It’s revealed that Izel (Karolina Wydra), the mercenary Fitz and Simmons met last week, is the one who made the Shrikes. She may also be the one who destroyed Chromica 2.

Naturally, Izel keeps it from the others and claims she wants to stop a very dangerous enemy. She reveals she’s looking for three artifacts called “The D’Allis”, also known as the Monoliths. Yes, they’re the ones that sent the agents to Maveth and the future. She claims they’re used to connect life, but fans should be skeptical.

For the most part, FitzSimmons’ role in the story is discussing how to contact their friends back on Earth, while believing Izel’s story. When the crew starts disappearing and now follow her probably because she’s infected them with her Shrikes, FitzSimmons think something is wrong. It’s a good thing they didn’t tell Izel that two of the Monoliths were destroyed and the third hasn’t been found yet. All Simmons cares about is getting back on terra firma, even if she won’t like who just arrived there.

Back on Earth, Sarge gives Daisy and May a lot of info about Izel, and how she destroys worlds with her Shrikes. That’s a big surprise for them, and they’d be more surprised how she’s coming back and with whom. Benson reveals that maybe Izel may be hundreds of years old, destroying planets all over the place to get the monoliths. It’s just not yet known why.

Daisy has a tough time dealing with Sarge, and who he looks like. She wonders why he and Coulson look exactly alike, and why he’s doing this at all. All he says is “the past doesn’t matter”, but finally mentions he’s lost a family because of Izel. It’s the most information he’s revealed this season as he’s still keeping a lot hidden.

Eventually several people infected with Shrikes explode in crystalline death in the middle of nowhere, and create a tower where Izel apparently will land. Sarge says that will lead to a massive Shrike invasion and the end of the world. He says stabbing the tower and her with a big sword will stop it, but again it’s what he claims.

Just in case, he plans to crash his truck into the tower, which will set off a bomb that’ll probably cause a 200-mile crater and kill a lot of people. He leaves the truck and uses one of this wormholes to land at the Zephyr that’s been following him all this time.

The episode ends with quite the cliff-hanger: Daisy, May and Deke find the bomb, haven’t disarmed it yet, but Izel’s about to land. So does Mack decide to set off the bomb and kill three agents in order to save millions? This is his first big test, and we’ll have to wait a week to see what he does.

In deep space, the Chromicons are still upset over Fitz and Simmons getting away, but Malachi decides he can “enter their brains” with that cerebral machine. He still thinks time travel will restore their planet, Chromica 2.
Enoch, meanwhile, talks to another Chromicom who’s on another planet, and they think they should get together to save their species.

While a lot of things seem to be happening the episode reveals just enough details about who Sarge is fighting, and how dangerous she is, but not everything. That leads up to Mack’s toughest decision.

The real action comes next week, as all the agents are reunited and Izel is exposed. However, is it too late for the Earth?

It shouldn’t be, since there’s four more episodes to go this season.

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