So, what were those post-credit scenes in Spider-Man: Far From Home, and how will they be part of the next phase of the MCU?

When Peter Parker/Spider-Man received special glasses left to him by Tony Stark, it included an AI system called EDITH, which means “Even Dead, I’m The Hero”. That was supposed to be a joke.

It was, but in a different way.

Fans are still stunned over how Spider-Man and hundreds of people in Times Square saw a fake video from the dying words of Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) in the first post-credit scene.

Mysterio claims Parker was responsible for what happened in London.
It was sent to a website that’s run by a Alex Jones-wannabe.

The name of the website is TheDailyBugle.net, run by….

you guessed it, J. Jonah Jameson, played by JK Simmons, just like in the Tobey Maguire era.
He’s bald now, but it’s him.
It gets worse. Parker is outed, real name and all.

Is this a nightmare that Peter can’t escape from?
Well, yes, if he was alone. More on that later.

As Mysterio told Spidey in the movie, people will believe anything. Thanks to a perfectly edited video, he’s blamed for Mysterio’s death and what happened in London. Just like the acronym in EDITH, “Even dead, I’m the hero”. In a way, the bad guy won.

This revives the traditional battle between Spider-Man and J. Jonah Jameson, which started in 1963. In the comics and the movies, JJJ has spent most of that time saying Spider-Man is a menace based on his opinion. This is just an updated version, and he’s doing this for attention and clicks more than being a crusading journalist.

This time, though, Spider-Man told Happy Hogan who Mysterio really was, a disgruntled Stark employee. It’s safe to say the power of Stark Industries can do something to help Spider-Man. As it was revealed in the movie, one of Mysterio’s crew downloaded a video and used it to frame Peter. Pepper Potts or Happy Hogan can find it and show the whole thing. They might even “prove” Peter and Spider-Man are two different people. LMD’s anyone?
It won’t stop JJJ from saying all super-heroes are a menace, though.

Also, remember this scene from Into the Spider-Verse?


In this world, they seem to know Peter was Spider-Man. If that becomes true eventually in the MCU, maybe it won’t be a problem. After all, secret identities don’t seem to be a thing in the MCU.
JJJ will still call him a menace, along with that Ant-Guy.

Actually, the biggest shock in the movie is finding Nick Fury and Maria Hill driving down the road listening to The Specials…..and turning into this:

That’s right, Talos (Ben Mendelsohn) was Fury all along, and his wife Soren (Sharon Blynn) was Agent Hill (and also a good shot). Apparently he was tasked to making sure Peter would be all right. Maybe Captain Marvel found the Skrulls a new home, but it’s possible a few, like Talos’ family, decided to stick around.

It’s a pretty weird twist, but someone at Marvel must have suggested this to help maintain Fury’s rep. It’s bad enough he lost an eye to an alien cat, but being fooled by a very crafty ex-Stark employee would have been a bit embarrassing. Even Talos had to admit Mysterio was impressive in his deception.

Come to think of it, how tough could it be for Talos to impersonate JJJ or even Spider-Man and end Peter’s dilemma?

What about the real Nick Fury? He’s chilling in a fake beach, located in a big spaceship somewhere. This suggests that SWORD (aka SHIELD In Space) may be part of the MCU’s future. Since SHIELD already has experience in that, let’s throw in Fitz, Simmons and Daisy in there.

So Marvel fans may be shocked by the two post-credits from Spider-Man: Far From Home. It served as a major season-ending cliff-hanger, but there are always solutions. Marvel will come up with one, if it hasn’t already. Expect this to come up a lot when Comic-Con rolls around.

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