The cast of the new ABC series Stumptown were in fine form at San Diego Comic Con this year. The Stumptown gang, creator Greg Rucka, exec producer David Bernad, and cast Cobie Smulders, Camryn Manheim, Michael Ealy, Jake Johnson, Cole Sibus, Tantoo Cardinal and Adrian Martinez were on hand to talk about life, love, family, war, PTSD, sexual fluidity, special needs, keeping secrets and “what’s in a name.”

Stumptown refers to the nickname for Portland, Oregon where the show is set. Cobie Smulders plays an army veteran, Dex, who becomes a private investigator in “Stumptown,” much to the consternation of the local police department (Camryn Manheim and Michael Ealy). Jake Johnson plays Grey, a local bartender and friend to Dex and her brother, Ansel (played by Cole Sibus). Tantoo Cardinal is the tough as nails owner/manager of the casino on the local Native American reservation. Adrian Martinez plays the mysterious, Tookie, and that’s about all I know — I was kind of afraid to ask more (he may have had to kill me).

Check out our round table interviews with this lively and fun cast.

Executive Producer, David Bernad and series star, Cobie Smulders (Dex Parios).

Camryn Manheim stars as Lt. Bobby Cosgrove and Michael Ealy is Detective Miles Hoffman (who also has some steamy scenes with P.I. Dex).

Jake Johnson (Grey McConnell) and Cole Sibus (Ansel Parios) talk about winning Academy Awards, representing people with special needs, how they each got into acting, and all around fun on the set.

Comic book and series creator of Stumptown, Greg Rucka, is with show co-stars Adrian Martinez and Tantoo Cardinal. Rucka talks about bringing his comic book characters to life onscreen.

Stumptown premieres this fall on ABC.

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