Since 2004 in Chicago, IL a select number of Firefly fans gather to re-enact an episode where the crew of the Serenity gather for a very fancy “Shindig”. They aim to misbehave and share their love for a Sci-fi show.The latest edition of the Browncoat Ball was held in September at the Sam’s Town Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Along with the Ball, fans gambled a bit,
checked out the gaudiness of the Strip, and checked out some of the local attractions including the Mob Museum, the Stratosphere Thrill Ride, and Fremont Street.

Whedonopolis put together a video of the weekend, including comments from co-organizer Matt Black who has had a lot of experience putting together these events. There was great music from The Constant Rose, and excellent dancing.

Next year’s Browncoat Ball will be held in Salem, Massachusetts.

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