So how did the Master come back if two of the regenerations killed each other in “The Doctor Falls”?
Maybe this version is between both of them?
Nevertheless, Sacha Dhawan’s version is unhinged and dangerous, compared to the days when he was laced with charm and deviousness. He’s the Master behind a plan to kill humanity with the help of a computer genius and an alien race.
Does it work?
Not if the Doctor can save the day, with the help of two women and laser shoes.
However, it ends with a shocking trip that explains the Master’s “everything you know is a lie” remark from last week.


The episode picks up from last week with Graham, Yaz and Ryan’s imminent doom aboard a plane with no pilot. However, they escape in a fairly bizarre way. Apparently the Doctor somehow anticipated this by leaving instructions on a card plus a video. They get away, but Daniel Barton (Lenny Henry) hunts them down via social media and the internet. Still, why is he 93 percent human, and what’s his plan with the Master and the alien race known as the Kasaavin?

As for the Doctor, she’s still in a void but finds a girl named Ada (Sylvie Briggs) who claims the Kasaavin cure her of her paralysis. Thanks to a leap of faith into one of the aliens, they find themselves in a scientific exhibition in 1834 (Ada’s home time). However, the Master isn’t too far behind with his own shrink ray.

This leads to a very good scene where Sacha makes the Master role his own. He explains to the Doctor why he likes to kill: “When I kill them, Doctor, it gives me a little buzz right here in the hearts…It’s like knowing I am in the right place doing what I was made for.” He even gets her to kneel and call him Master. Just this once.

Ada, though, interrupts him with a Gatling gun. The Doctor later finds out Ada knows Charles Babbage, who made a calculating machine that’s an ancestor to the computer. She’ll help out, but it’s years before it happens.
The Doctor also discovers something called the Silver Lady, which was made by the Master. It’s a statue that is a key part of his plan. She figures out the aliens are infiltrating Earth and gathering info about computers from several time periods. The Master’s “helping” them, since Earth’s technology is starting to notice them.

Back to the Companions, they figure out that the Doctor didn’t recognize the Master because, like her, he regenerated. At least they grasp that, but they plan to ask her a lot of questions if they survive this. They also reveal they have laser shoes and exploding cuff links to battle whatever happens next. The shoes come in handy when the Kasaavin show up.

The Doctor and Aida wind up in Paris 1943, where they meet Noor (Aurora Marion), the first wireless operator dropped behind enemy lines in World War II. She gets involved in the battle with the Master and tries to understand things a few years too soon (just like Ada).

There’s soon another confrontation between the Doctor and the Master, this time at the Eiffel Tower. They briefly talk about what happened in “Logopolis” before he says he’s planning to kill the human race, and use Barton to help the Kasaavin invade Earth. The aliens will unwittingly give their lives for his plot, because it’s what he does. He also reveals he’s been to Gallifrey, and it’s been completely destroyed. She doesn’t believe it, but leaves before she says she sent a radio transmission saying he’s a double agent…which the Nazis don’t like.

The plan climaxes when Barton tells an audience that things will change, and a new world is coming. The Kasaavin is about to rewrite the human race’s DNA with the help of that Silver Lady. Barton, whose DNA was adjusted, will survive the process.

However, the Doctor hacked the statue ahead of time. She also tells the Kasaavin the Master intended to kill them thanks to a recording she made. That’s news to them, and they don’t take it well. They send the Master to their dimension, but fans know full well he’ll be back somehow. He’s already made his unique mark in his sixth form. Some fans, though, hope he can get a better wardrobe.

One thing, though…how come Barton just walks away? He killed his mom at one point. If he comes back, let’s hope he gets what he deserves.
As for Ada and Noor, they have to forget their adventures with the Doctor. They will soon their marks in history.

And what about the Master’s trip home? Well, it’s true that Gallifrey is destroyed….and he did it. He says it was because the Time Lords lied about everything, especially about the Timeless Child. He claims he knows the truth, but doesn’t tell her. She has to find out.

First, though, she finally reveals to her Companions exactly who she is, but will answer more questions soon. She also might take them to Gallifrey someday, but another adventure awaits.

“Spyfall” was as ambitious as fans and cast had hoped, with a great story about espionage that James Bond and H.G. Wells could never anticipate.
It gave new life to a classic bad guy, and mixed high tech and history.
Again, though, Yaz doesn’t do much. If only she had a spy weapon like Graham and Ryan.

Next week, the Doctor and her crew have a vacation….but the resort they choose has a dark side.

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