Last season on Legacies, there was a clear overarching enemy, but who is that enemy this season? The Necromancer? He’s certainly trying to get his full power back, but what’s his endgame?

Clarke disguised as Professor Vardemus was undoubtedly the big bad in the first part of this season, but now that he’s gone, who’s next? We are still dealing with the consequences of Vardemus manipulating Josie (Kaylee Bryant) into using black magic, and who knows where that will take us this season.

While there may be no apparent big evil in the latter half of this season, right now, the biggest optical is brining the Saltzman’s home. Without two of their most powerful witches, and Alaric being well versed in all things supernatural, how will the Hero Squad bring them home?

Maybe this episode was all about getting them ready for that fight, as well as The Necromancer (Ben Geurens) distracting them. While Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) was trying to find the real ascendant, Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) and his newly formed band of heroes were trying to find and take down Cupid. Who turned out to be Cupid’s older brother, Pothos.

Landon has desperately wanted to prove his worth in a fight, and he finally did. It wasn’t a perfect plan, he had to get his heart eaten, but he did takedown Pothos. Landon’s brain is his weapon, and he shouldn’t count that out. That was always Felcity’s superpower on Arrow too. And Team Arrow could not have survived without her. And, Landon finally flew! Even if it was when kissing Hope.

If you ship Handon, then this had to be your favorite episode of them yet. Not only did Landon confess how epic their love is, but he also died (kind of) for her, and she told him why she chose him. It was unbelievably sweet.

MG (Quincy Fouse), on the other hand, did not have good luck in the love department. He was finally going to go out on a date with Kym (Ebboney Wilson), but first, Kaleb (Chris Lee) gave him the wrong information about what his sister likes, and then hero duties ruined everything.

Hope isn’t always perfect. The obsession arrow was probably overkill for Alyssa (Olivia Liang). And maybe getting MG to seduce her was not the best plan either, even if he was who she was crushing on. MG is cute, but he can’t seduce. His strengths are his honesty and loyalty. The plan backfired so badly that not only did Kym almost get killed, the ascendant is now in pieces and the only hope of getting back the Satzman’s is gone.

But, the Hero Squad always finds another way, and it wouldn’t any fun if there were not some obstacles along the way, right? 

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