This week the conclusion of what could be called a two-parter took place. The episode had us on the edge of our seat like Julie Plec likes to do, and the ending may not have been what you would have hoped.

Kai (Chris Wood) was in the real world, and he went straight to the Salvatore School. He was free, and if you hoped that Julie would keep him around a little bit longer, you would have been disappointed.

Alaric (Matthew Davis) got the revenge he’s all wanted. He got to chop Kai’s head off. But hopefully, that doesn’t mean Kai is gone for good. Julie is good at coming up with reasons and ways to bring back favorites.

It was fun while it lasted. Kai dressed up as in a suede suit and tie and called himself Joshua. He tried to unlink himself from the prison world, which would have made it collapse, leaving Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) to decide between Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) and the Saltzmans and other kids in the prison world.

Kai was always a smart villain. He sent Dorian (Demetrius Bridges) and Landon on an errand, but it was a trap for Landon to get shot with the one thing that could kill him, the golden arrow.

Kai probably didn’t expect Hope to decide to save everyone in the prison world over her boyfriend. As Landon said, it was the right choice, and he is proving more and more that he can take care of himself.

Dorian was compelled, but he found the loophole. Kai never told him he had to let Landon get shot. He said hold him when the arrow was being shot, so he turned around and took the arrow in his back.

Landon tapped into his Phenoix powers and flew with bright and big fire wings to bring Dorian back to the school. What are the endless possibilities that the writers can use with this?

Over in the prison world, Josie (Kaylee Bryant) turned Jade’s (Giorgia Whigham) humanity back on, and Jade helped Alaric operate on Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) to save her life. Josie used her dark magic to siphon doors so they could escape. Alaric almost got killed by the werewolf he put there, but Sebastian (Thomas Doherty) appears at the last moment to save him and send him to Lizzie. Then he becomes the anchor so Josie can go home too.

A lot happened over there. And in the aftermath, the world was falling apart. Lizzie astral projected there to try to save Sebastian and tell him to go to the Malivore pit. It appears, he decided to stay and die, but I hope we see him again.

While MG (Quincy Fouse), Kaleb (Chris Lee), and Jed (Ben Levin) were going after a monster, they found Raphael. I was wondering when he would return to the school.

It was undoubtedly a jammed packed episode, and despite that Josie saying she was back, the black magic hasn’t gone. What will be next for her? 

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