TV Campfire Podcast #447

We talk The Rookie[2;07], 911 Lone Star[7;05], Better Call Saul[11;23], This is Us[17;55], The Magicians[21;40], Legacies[26;29], Brooklyn Nine-Nine{33;58], Amazing Stories[38;44], Devs[46;26], Hunters[53;06], I’m Not Okay with This[1;00;11], Star Trek: Picard[1;06;24]

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Post Author: Libya El-Amin

Site editor, staff writer, reviewer, interviewer and all around TV watcher. Host of TV Campfire Podcast where we talk about all the TV shows I manage to watch each week. Sometimes the number of shows is staggering which means I have some sort of addiction. I also edit for television in real life.

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