Just Call Her Director Henstridge

After Director Coulson, aka Clark Gregg, helmed two episodes of Agents of SHIELD, someone else is about to take a “scientific approach”

It’s Elizabeth Henstridge, who’s trading her test tubes for a clap board and directing next week’s episode, “As I Have Always Been”.

She talked about the experience Lorraine Cink from the YouTube show, “Marvel Live!” Henstridge says she’s been shadowing several directors, including Gregg, for the past three years before she asked the showrunners if she could direct. She says the best part was realizing the show has a lot of talent, in front and behind the cameras.

The interview also included a trip down memory lane as they traced Henstridge’s seven years on the show.
Of course, they also talked about whether Leo Fitz will ever show up this season. The show is below, and will reveal that fact towards the end,

Agents of SHIELD airs Wednesdays at 10 PM Eastern and Pacific on ABC, and also streams on Disney Plus.

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