This has been one of the most popular and reviewed panels at Comic-Con@Home.

It may have been a conversation with Nathan Fillion, but other people dropped by including Joss Whedon, Firefly co-stars Gina Torres and Alan Tudyk, The Rookie showrunner Alexi Hawley and co-star Meika Cox, and Molly Quinn, Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas from Castle.

The conversations also discuss other things. For example, Whedon revealed he offered Dr. Horrible to Jeff Bezos and Amazon Prime Video before Whedon released it himself and basically changed entertainment as we know it. Fillion says that Hollywood big shots didn’t think the internet would be accepted as a source of entertainment.
Then you see this year’s Emmys, and how the internet has a big chunk of the nominations.

The panel actually started with a role not many people think about: the doctor who falls with Keri Russell in Waitress. He especially talked about Adrienne Shelley’s style of directing. He called it “reality, but odd”, but it still resonated with a lot of people and eventually wound up in Broadway.

Torres, Tudyk and Fillion talked a lot about Firefly, but she had the best comment about the show: “It’s like any great book that touched you when you were…when you read it maybe you were 15, and then you revisit it when you were 25, and it says different things to you.”

Also, Hawley and Whedon had some interesting comments about making TV, like how making episodes are really like making bedtime stories.

The panel is below, but all Comic-Con@Home panels can be found at

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