When I saw this Twitter yesterday, I could not believe it:

It’s hard to believe that all this time, being in a superhero civil war, ruling a nation, changing baseball and music and practicing law, he’s fought a difficult disease.
Now THAT is a career.
That also doesn’t include his many appearances on TV from Castle to

Like many movie fans, I first saw Chadwick in Captain America: Civil War, then in Black Panther. He showed that he would be a major part of the MCU.

Then I saw his other movies. He did very well as Jackie Robinson in 24. Some of the story was a bit far fetched, but it did a good job showing the struggle Robinson had before he succeeded in baseball.
Then came Get On Up, a bio on James Brown, and that was also pretty impressive. It’s not easy for actors to do well acting and singing.
He also shows a sense of humor over being T’Challa when he did this sketch on Saturday Night Live two years ago:

For now, let’s realize how much of a gift Chadwick was an actor, performer and a man. He will definitely be missed.

Here’s one more tribute via Instagram, thanks to Jewel Staite:

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