This week, Wanda’s sitcom reality deals with death in a very special episode.
That’s not the big news, though. She also tells reality to back off, but probably to no avail.
Fans, though, are talking about what happens in the final minute.


Before we start, fans of the show were very excited when Elizabeth Olson mentioned that a big cameo was coming, and it would be a big as Mark Hamill showing up on the second season finale of The Mandalorian. CBR had something on it, with speculation on who is coming.
It turned out that it was not what most expected, and happened sooner than expected. More on that later….

Now to the episode…
The main point here is Wanda’s sitcom reality that has enveloped the real Westview, NJ is starting to crack. SWORD boss Tyler Hayward (Josh Stamberg) considers her as a threat because of her past, even if she’s an Avenger now. He talks about that event in Lagos from Captain America: Civil War. This link explains how she used her telepathic powers to stop an explosion, but wound up accidentally killing people in Lagos. It’s also why Taylor thinks she’s a threat.
By the way, it inspired an ad for Lagos Paper Towels, “when you make a mess you didn’t mean to.”

Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) disagrees with Hayward. She tells him she sense some grief while she was there, and also thinks Wanda did try to trust her. Tyler’s attitude is ruining that.
He may have a point, as he reveals Wanda went to SWORD to take Vision’s corpse. If there’s a reason beyond her grief, it hasn’t been revealed yet.

Meanwhile in Hex TV (which is what we’re calling the sitcom land), Wanda is having problems dealing with her young sons Tommy and Billy (who are real in Wanda’s world). Agnes (Kathryn Hawn) kind of helps out in full Jazzercise form, then the kids become ten years old but still cute.

This leads Agnes to comment that “Kids. Can’t control them”
Is that why Wanda’s kids are the only kids around? If so, where are Westview’s kids….and their parents?
Vision is starting to figure things out. He even uses his powers to read Norm’s mind at work, and he claims “she” is in his head.
Is it Wanda, or someone else (like who Agnes really is)?

As far as Hayward is concerned, Wanda is the enemy.
He sends a drone to Hex TV, with Monica trying to talk to her. She doesn’t know the drone is armed, but Hayward does.
This sets up a tense but excellent scene where Wanda emerges from Hex TV, tosses the drone to Hayward’s feet, and politely tells him to back off. It doesn’t help he has a dozen rifles aimed at her.
Monica reminds Wanda that she did trust her at one point until she said Wanda’s twin brother Pietro/Quicksilver was killed by Ultron. That’s why Monica was shoved out of Westview.
She’s still mad at Hayward. “Stay out of my home,” she says. “You don’t bother me. I don’t bother you.”
She even aims the rifles towards him, which won’t change his mind about her. Still, he did it first.

Back at Hex TV, Wanda and the kids are in the familiar “we lost the dog” plot, then find out Sparky died eating from a poisonous bush.
This is the “very special episode” part, where Wanda argues that sometimes people and dogs die, and it wouldn’t be right to bring them back to the dead. It would be good if she took that advice, but she can’t.

Then things get tense at home, as Vision is starting to doubt if Westview is for real. Wanda tries to put him to sleep and roll the closing credits (with names of the missing Westview residents, no doubt).
Vision won’t be fooled this time. He can’t even remember his life before Westview, and she admits she’s not quite sure how it all started.
That’s another sign someone else is creating this reality, but Wanda is clinging hard to it. It leads to this:

It’s a pretty tense scene, but they both calm down. Then the doorbell rings….

Quicksilver is back….but the wrong one! Is it?
Yes, it’s the X-Men Quicksilver (Evan Peters) not Pietro (Aaron Taylor-Johnson). She’s as surprised as anyone when he says “Log lost bro get to squeeze his stinkin’ sister or what?”, but she does.
Then he looks at Vision and asks “Who’s the Popsicle?”
Expect a t-shirt with that scene by next month.

To be clear, X-Men Quicksilver is Peter in the movies, Wanda’s brother is Pietro. This link has his comics history.
Also, Wanda did not do this. Who did?
And are the twins the key to what’s happening, as Agnes seems to be interested in them.

It’s more than just Wanda wanting to stay in an alternate world, and who may really be responsible. It’s also about SWORD taking the wrong approach to this. Hayward thinks he can be the big hero by destroying Wanda, but it’s bound to backfire.
After all, why did SWORD get Vision’s body? Does it have plans?

Wandavision airs every Friday on Disney Plus.

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