Monica Rambeau is wrong after all.
What’s happening in Westview isn’t totally Wanda’s fault.
The most recent episodes of Wandavision clearly show who is to blame…and it’s pretty much who people expected.
It also shows how people deal with loss, and not just Wanda. This also changes someone in a big way


First off, YES…the wacky neighbor is the Big Bad all along…
Don’t be fooled by her acting dumb. Agnes aka Agatha Harkness (but we’ll call her Aggie) is the real Wicked Witch of the East.

People had been suspecting her because she was wearing a brooch which symbolizes the comic book version of her. Seeing her wearing a witch costume is more obvious than Sailor Moon dropping hints that Usagi was the Moon Princess all along before it was finally confirmed.
She finally reveals herself, complete with Addams Family-style theme song, towards the end of episode seven (a hybrid of The Office and Modern Family which was actually the best format yet).
Clearly Aggie (Kathryn Hawn) took advantage of Wanda’s feeling of emptiness losing her brother Pietro (the real one) and Vision, and that’s led to the Hex World that has swallowed Westview, New Jersey.
So, why? And will Tyler Hayward’s terrible approach to the problem wipe out New Jersey and maybe the East Coast?

Before we get to that, let’s review the past two weeks:

episode six is in the style of Malcom In The Middle, as they have a Halloween episode. Wanda’s dressed like her comic book costume, although she claims to be a Sokovian fortune teller.
Vision is kind of dressed as himself, while Pietro (Evan Peters) seems to act like the sitcom trouble-making brother-in-law. He even tells Wanda that. That’s odd, since he is her twin…IF that’s really him (but it’s not).

Outside the Hex, Hayward (Josh Stamberg) thinks killing Wanda will solve everything. Jimmy (Randall Park), Darcy (Kat Dennings) and Monica (Teyonah Parris) disagree, and get thrown out. That doesn’t stop Jimmy and Monica, as they figure a way to stay on the base. Naturally, Hayward’s plans will make things worse whether it’s his idea or someone else’s. He has a very suspicious eye on Vision and what he’s doing. More on that later.
Speaking of Vision, he notices that on the edges of town, people are literally standing still. He also finds Aggie, but she’s just in her car able to talk. Should have been a hint. She does act as if she’s a victim in all this…at that moment anyway.
He eventually figures Ellis Avenue is the edge of the Hex World. He tries to break through, but is literally falling into pieces. Thanks to Tommy and Billy suddenly getting Wanda and Pietro’s powers, Wanda puts the world on pause and widens her reality. It takes a bigger chunk of New Jersey and also swallows Darcy.
Westview is, like the Hotel California, programmed to receive, and so forth.
Going inside also affects cells, as Jimmy and Darcy discover it’s affecting Monica physically. More on that, too.
This situation makes Hayward more determined to kill Wanda. It’s safe to say it will backfire massively, even if he does find out about Aggie.

Episode seven is probably the best yet, with Wanda, Darcy, Aggie and even Vision breaking the fourth wall. At least he wonders why he’s doing this. Maybe another Marvel show should try it.

Anyway, Wanda decides just having a “staycation” away from everyone (even Vision and Pietro, who she now doesn’t trust) will solve her latest problem, namely objects changing at will from the wallpaper to the TV and her milk. Aggie is happy to take the twins to her house, and of course it’s suspicious (especially when Aggie admits she’s “cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs”).
At one point, Wanda admits she doesn’t understand why her reality is becoming unstable. Then the interviewer asks if this is really what she deserves, and Wanda wonders why he’s saying that. Is that a hint to what Aggie wants to do to Wanda?

Meanwhile, Monica and Jimmy discover Hayward wanted to revive Vision online, but Wanda taking his body ruined those plans.
Vision, stuck in a circus in the Hex World, tries to get Darcy’s attention but she thinks he’s asking her for a date. He snaps her out of it, and they escape in a stolen funnel cake van. By the way, Darcy apparently has a mean right cross like Peggy Carter did.
While Darcy updates Vision on his past, they also figure out that Wanda doesn’t want him to come home. It may explain a slow road crew and a crossing guard miles out of town. He gets around that eventually.
The scenes between Kat Dennings and Paul Bettany are really sweet, especially when they discuss the show/Wanda-made reality.

Then comes a major moment: Monica gets a heavily armored space rover that’s designed to get into the Hex World. She tries to get in, but the wall rearranges its atoms to keep it out. However, it can’t keep Monica out.

As she slowly gets through, she has memories of Maria, her mom, and Carol Danvers. Once she gets in, Monica Rambeau is a completely different person, and will soon need a super-hero name.
She gets to Wanda’s house, but she tosses fireballs at her. Monica holds her own, and tries to convince her she knows what it’s like to lose someone. She can’t control her pain, she says, but it’s her truth. She insists Wanda doesn’t have to be the villain, but she wonders if she already is.
That’s when Aggie tells Monica to leave, and comforts Wanda…or does she?
She tells Wanda the twins are in the basement, but they aren’t. Aggie’s real self, Agatha Harkness, sure is, and has apparently possessed Wanda.
Monica also finds the basement…but Pietro finds her. Does this mean Aggie made him, too?
One thing is for sure, the start of episode eight will put new meaning to the old phrase, “Hi, honey, I’m home” (thanks to Vision).

We know Hayward wants to make Vision a weapon, but does Aggie want to make Tommy and Billy her weapons? Is what she is doing “for the children” she will claim?
If so, Hayward will lose his job and maybe everything else. So will Westview.
Now, things will get very real.

One more thing: maybe Disney Plus should start airing new shows at noon local time. It didn’t take long for people to reveal the script on social media, even before breakfast.
HBO Max doesn’t start presenting new shows until noon. Maybe Disney Plus should do the same.
The season continues, though, through March fifth.

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