Of course it’s jealousy.
Agatha Harkness wanted to know about Wanda’s powers, and how she was able to turn Westview into a Hex World. That’s why she was the wacky neighbor from Hell.
This week, Agatha takes Wanda through her life to see how she developed her powers, and decide who is the real threat.
Well, the real threat is somewhere else.


It begins with Agatha about to be executed by her coven, including her mother, because she got too powerful too fast. Agatha tries to look innocent, but it’s not convincing. She still fights back in a big way killing her coven and Agatha taking her coven mom’s broach.
Back to the present, Agatha shows she’s one powerful witch, and is in control of Wanda. She even admits she created a fake Pietro. Yet Wanda has done things Aggie would never have dreamed up. Kathryn Hawn really unleashes Agatha in every way, as a snarky guide to Wanda’s past. She’s one of a LOT of reasons why this show will get a lot of Emmy love in six months.

So, it’s time for her version of This Is Your Life.
It starts with Pietro and Wanda with their parents in the late 1990’s in Sokovia. Apparently they’re big sitcom fans, and they learn English that way. That explains all the sitcom versions from this season.
Then a bomb blows up their apartment. The parents are dead, and an unexploded Stark bomb is stuck there. This is where Wanda’s powers emerge when she uses a “probability hex” to stop the bomb. It turns out HYDRA didn’t bring out her powers

Then they go to Wanda in a HYDRA lab, where she volunteered because she thought it would change the world. She is exposed to the Mind Stone and her powers increase exponentially. This stuns people because it’s the first time that’s happened.

Aggie wants to learn more, so they head to an apartment at the Avengers complex after Age of Ultron. This is where Vision and Wanda get closer. They discuss her losing her twin brother, and this is where Paul Bettany as Vision shines. He admits he’s never really experienced loss, but he does come up with this line:  “But what is grief, if not love, persevering?”

That really goes into play when she finds out SWORD took Vision’s body, and she wants it back at least for a funeral. It’s also revealed she did meet Tyler Hayward (Josh Stamberg), and she’s shown how he wants to recycle Vision as a weapon. Seeing Wanda looking at horror at his head detached from the rest of him is all you need to know what she thinks about this. Tyler makes it worse, of course, mentioning he doesn’t want to bury two billion dollars of vibranium into the ground.
At least she seems to accept Vision’s death, then sees a note in her car…and it has a connection with Westview.
She sees people who will soon be characters in her sitcom world, and finds a plot of land where she and Vision were about to build a home to grow old in.
That does it. The power within in her turns Westview into her own sitcom world, but it also brings back Vision. Her love for his really persevered, but it wound up hijacking a whole town.

Does that make her the villain, as she suspected last week when she attacked Monica?
Agatha thinks so. That’s why she is strangling the twins, Tommy and Billy, in front of Wanda. Agatha thinks Wanda is the threat because she can make something from nothing. Wanda is a master of Chaos Magic which makes her the Scarlet Witch, the nickname she’s had in the comics for years.
Isn’t it interesting? The episode starts with Agatha as a threat because of her magic, and she’s nearly killed by her coven. Now, Agatha thinks Wanda is the real threat. How will Agatha burn Wanda at the stake and kill her twins?

Well, she might get some help. Hayward has figured out how to recycle Vision’s body, with a dash of Wanda’s power…

We’re not sure if Paul Bettany will also play this version of the Vision, and wind up battling himself. Actually, it’s not that unusual in the movie business.
Oh, has Hayward forgotten his plan to kill Wanda with Vision 2 might kill Darcy and Monica…and everyone in Westview?
Well, if he cares more about burying vibranium than people, that might not matter…to Hayward.
The final battle next week will be an incredible end to what could be Marvel’s most popular TV series.

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