All magical things must come to an end, and that includes Wanda’s version of Westview. Two witches clash in a battle over power, while two Visions try to figure out who is the real one. Both result in very interesting answers.
There’s also a hint of the future, but the finale was a classic moment in the MCU.


The finale picks up where episode eight left off, with Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hawn) strangling Tommy and Billy. She calls Wanda a threat because she is the Scarlet Witch, a figure of massive power that’s featured in the Darkhold. Agatha thinks she should have her power instead. She even absorbs chunks of Wanda’s power. The twins are able to get away, but soon get involved later.

Then Hayward’s White Vision arrives after he tosses a car into Wanda’s house. He’s just there to get rid of her, as created by Hayward (Josh Stamberg). The real Vision, though, arrives and sets  up an incredible battle between the two. This was what Paul Bettany was talking about when he said he loved working with someone he’s always wanted to work with. Eat your heart out, Chris Evans.

Hayward is enjoying this, thinking he’ll be the hero. Agent Woo (Randall Park) warns him the CIA will be coming, but that doesn’t worry Hayward. It gives Woo enough time to steal a smartphone…and get the CIA there for real.
Forget about how nerdy Woo was in Ant-Man and the Wasp. He’s now close to being the successor to Coulson.

The big battle is between Agatha Harness and Wanda. Agatha wants what Wanda has. It’s no coincidence Agatha prepares for battle in front of a billboard of cleaning products “with the power of Mother Nature.”
Some argue Agatha is convinced she’s saving the world from someone who could destroy the world. Wanda gets that feeling when people in Westview slowly wake up, and are (of course) upset. Dottie (Emma Caufield) finally comes back, and begs Wanda to stop. It’s too bad her significance wasn’t that big. It would have been great if she was a resurrected version of one of the witches Agatha killed.
It’s slowly apparent, though, Agatha wants to be the #1 witch.
The twins, meanwhile, wind up getting involved. Billy’s wiccan powers gives him “visions” that Wanda’s in trouble. Tommy’s fast moves holds off Hayward’s invasion when the Hex Field is starting to break.

What about Monica (Teyonah Parris) and Pietro (Evan Peters)? They’re in one of the bedrooms away from the action. He can his super-speed to keep Monica at bay, but this is a little disappointing. We’d like to know how he did that. Also, Pietro is actually a guy named Ralph, powered by a magic necklace. She breaks it, and the spell is broken. It was a bit too sudden.
It would have been better if he faded out, and found himself back in the Fox X-Men Universe…with Deadpool asking why Pietro/Peter was on his TV for the past five weeks.

As for Hayward, he shoots at the twins. Monica blocks them, and the bullets go through her. This means she’ll soon become Spectrum. One bullet is stopped by Billy, and Hayward wonders if it can get worse.
It does. Darcy (Kat Dennings) finally arrives, and gleefully predicts his fate. Sadly, that’s her only line, and she should also come back somehow.

The battle between the Visions has got to be the most interesting. Sure, there’s really hard fighting, but it’s resolved through logic via the Ship of Theseus debate. If the ship is completely restored, is it the same ship? And, if the original pieces are reassembled, is it the same ship. This applies to both Visions, as they eventually agree they could both be Vision. The Vision that Wanda made thinks the memories is what decides who is real. He restores White Vision’s memories, and that makes him the true Vision than can exist anywhere. He flies away and we don’t seem him again, but he’s bound to come back.
Imagine when Wanda finds out.

Now there’s the final battle. Agatha offers to let Wanda live in her own private Westview if she gives up her powers, but Wanda gets the drop on her. They wind up in Salem 1692 where Agatha was nearly killed by her coven. Wanda points out Agatha’s evil is deliberate, but what Wanda did in Lagos was an accident.
The coven, which suddenly comes back from the dead, see Wanda as the once and future threat, and they nearly burn her at the stake.
Agatha seems to have the upper hand, ready to dump Wanda in a broken Westview.
Then her powers run out. Wanda set up some runes around her Hex Field, which means she’s in charge now. She finally embraces who and what she really is. Seeing Wanda become the Scarlet Witch is dazzling, almost as when Carol Danvers finally reach full power in Captain Marvel. Her MCU style costume’s pretty good, too.

So, Agatha’s doomed? Well, she’ll be a wacky sitcom neighbor again…and also a bit more disturbing. Agatha insists Wanda will need her sooner or later, and Wanda will consider that.
This doesn’t mean it’ll be a perfect ending. Wanda and Vision put their twins to bed, but “mom and dad” know they have to say “good night” to the sitcom reality Wanda made. It’s sweet, and it’s heartbreaking.
It ends with Wanda seeing the vacant lot where it all began. She could try to apologize to the town, but she wonders if it would understand (and she would be right). At least Monica admits if she had the power, she would use to it to bring her mother back.
So, Wanda will be alone, trying to accept and understand her new role as the Scarlet Witch. Her status as heroine may get serious dents, but at least she’ll try.
Still, seeing her in a lonely cabin while her astral self absorbs the forbidden knowledge in the Darkhold is frightening…and so are the sounds of her twins calling for help.
According to the comics, that’s a hint that Mephisto is about to get involved. This will likely happen when Multiverse of Madness premieres next year.
At least there’s a more positive view of the future for Monica. A SWORD agent reveals herself as a Skrull, and asks Monica to join her in a meeting a few light years away…apparently with Nick Fury (maybe).

Wandavision was a series unlike nearly everything. It’s about a woman who has lost a lot, and tried to rebuild what she lost in a happy sitcom world. Unfortunately, she went too far with powers she never really knew she had.
Now, she realizes she is more powerful than she ever thought. She is also feared a lot more.
So, can Wanda Maximoff still be an Avenger? Can White Vision be just like the original? Will mystical villains like Nightmare and Mephisto make their move against our world?
Some people were disappointed they didn’t see those Big Bads at the end, but it’s bound to happen. The MCU is a book that never runs out of chapters. Wanda’s story has added a few books, including a very dark one.

Meanwhile, the Falcon and the Winter Soldier start their story in two weeks on Disney Plus, with episodes airing every Friday.


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