Moon Knight
has been about two men “drafted” as the avatar for an Egyptian moon god who supports “real justice.”
One man was assigned to kill evil people after they did evil. The other, who did the same thing, decided to switch gods and kill people who’ll probably be evil eventually.
Too bad a third god thinks that’s evil.

The finale is the inevitable clash between Marc Spector/Steven Grant and Arthur Harrow over whose justice is real, but it may be someone else who’ll have the final say.


The episode starts with the song “The End” by Earl Grant, with Marc Spector’s body being dragged out of the water by Arthur Harrow. During this series, Harrow’s gotten his way in serving Ammet (or Ammit as some spell her name) and thinking he is purifying the world. He breaks the small Ammet figure Marc has to release her. He asks his minions, “Who wants to heal the world?”

Layla, though, refuses to give up. She thinks she can defeat Harrow and Ammet by herself, but Taweret and Khonshu (F. Murray Abraham) insist she can’t It’s best she be an avatar, but she refuses (especially Khonshu, who thinks the experience ruined Marc).

Speaking of Marc, he’s at peace in the Field of Reeds with Taweret. Still, he can’t give up Steven or the fact Harrow’s killing people. He has to give that up, and somehow be alive again. Thanks to some help from Osiris, Marc/Steven is resurrected, but he’s got to talk to Khonshu first.

Meanwhile, Harrow and Ammet announce their plan for a “paradise”, and the avatars for the Ennead insists he give it up. They’re easily killed, although Khonshu shows up. They disagree over how to deal with evil, and free will. Ammet, for now, has the upper hand. Salim, the former head avatar, suggests Layla become the avatar to Taweret. She didn’t like the idea when Taweret suggested it via dead bodies earlier, but now she has no choice. Actually, that could create a comic book on its own, or a TV show.

The only way to stop Ammet is to get more avatars, and bind Ammet to a mortal body. Harrow is the obvious choice, since he is busy killing “unbalanced people” while Ammet eats their souls. This is hardly paradise.

Now, Marc (Moon Knight) and Steven (Mr. Knight) want to discuss a deal with Khonshu. It’s interesting that while Khonshu insults the avatar he’s had for a while, he still still needs their knowledge and body. Khonshu hasn’t done well in his form against Ammet. He’ll release Marc and Steven after beating Ammet…and yes, it sounds too easy.

This leads to an exciting and intense fight involving both Moon Knights and Layla/Taweret. They do a great job, and someone asks her if she’s an Egyptian super-hero.
Hello, Mr. Fiege?
It matches up well with the other battle between Ammet and Khonshu, and their violent argument over how to deal with evil.

Eventually, Harrow attacks Marc/Steven, insisting HE is the hero. This leads to the worst thing he can say: he claims if Ammet was in charge, Randall would have lived and Marc would have died because the wrong brother lived.
That’s the wrong thing to say.
Harrow stabs Marc with his staff, but all of a sudden, Marc blacks out. He wakes with a dead Harrow and his staff. He knows he didn’t do that, and neither did Steven.
So, there IS someone else inside Marc, and did he hear what Harrow said?

Marc/Steven and Layla do bind Ammet to Harrow, and Khonshu insists Marc kill Harrow to end Ammet. As he puts it, there is no choice.
That’s where Marc draws the line…and all of a sudden he, or rather Steven, is back with Dr. Harrow. This time, though, Marc and Steven literally switch voices effortlessly. Also, Harrow’s shoes are bleeding. That’s when Marc/Steven reject the mental facility, and say “later, gators”.
So Marc/Steven is back in the apartment in London, and harnessed to the bed.
That means, what? Is Marc/Steven free from Khonshu? Is the Moon Knight gone?

Harrow’s still alive at a mental facility somewhere, but a Spanish-speaking guy takes him out of there and into a waiting limousine.
Look who’s inside.

And…look who’s driving. Call him Jack Lockley aka the other alter inside Marc.

So, what now? Will Moon Knight exist as Jake, but not as Marc or Steven…and will the other two personalities object to this?
It’s quite possible the Mook Knight saga is nowhere near “the end”.

While Oscar Isaac once again knocked it out of the park, it seemed the show ended a bit too quickly. It may have been due to COVID, but an extra two episodes would have been better. It was also a bit too easy for Harrow throughout the series, although Ethan Hawke was the perfect picture of calm evil. The Ennead should have been a big stronger, though.
May Calamawy almost stole the show as Layla/Taweret. She was a great partner to Marc, and she should ask Taweret if she can at least get her armor. Otherwise, put May in another Marvel series.
It was a good series that has its place in the MCU away from Avengers and Inhumans. It was still a bit too short. If there’s a second season, it should be eight shows or so like Loki and WandaVision.

Soon, a new Marvel heroine will arrive on Disney Plus, just a girl from New Jersey.

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